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A pretty-printing combinator library and rendering engine


Dune Dependency







  • The new function is_empty allows testing (in constant time) whether a document is empty.

  • Documentation: add a warning about the time and space complexity of a naive use of ifflat.

  • The library now requires OCaml 4.03 or newer.

  • Add a new micro-benchmark, which uses core_bench and involves randomly-generated arithmetic expressions.


  • Improved documentation. (Initial proposal by Thomas Refis, extended by François Pottier.)

  • The internal modules PPrintEngine, PPrintCombinators, PPrintRenderer, and PPrintOCaml have been removed. (Their existence was an implementation detail.) Please refer to PPrint, PPrint, PPrint, and PPrint.OCaml instead.


  • Trailing blank characters at the end of a line are now suppressed. This includes indentation characters (whose production is implicit) as well as blank characters that are explicitly produced by the combinators space and blank. Trailing blank characters are suppressed in both rendering modes (pretty and compact). (Contributed by Thomas Refis, reviewed and polished by François Pottier.)

  • New function PPrint.OCaml.unit.


  • New function PPrint.utf8format.


  • New functions PPrint.OCaml.flowing_list and PPrint.OCaml.flowing_array.


  • Change the behavior of PPrint.ToFormatter to use Format.pp_print_text internally. This means that a newline character causes a call to Format.pp_force_newline; a space character causes a call to Format.pp_print_space; and every other character is printed using Format.pp_print_char.

  • Switch to dune.

  • Avoid a few compilation warnings.


  • Add a line field to the state record, which can be read by the code that implements custom documents. Add a range combinator that allows retrieving the start and end points of a (sub)document in the output. (Suggested by Victor Gomes.)


  • Update the code and build options to use -safe-string. This means that the library now requires OCaml 4.02 or later, and is compatible with 4.06.


  • Moved to github and changed the license to LGPL with an exception.


  • Minor changes in the implementation of string and substring. Initially committed on 2014/03/24, but left out of the 20140424 release due to a goof-up.


  • Changed the behavior of align, which was not consistent with its documentation. align now sets the indentation level to the current column. In particular, this means that align (align d) is equivalent to align d, which was not the case previously. Thanks to Dmitry Grebeniuk for reporting this issue.


  • The library is now extensible (in principle). A custom document constructor allows the user to define her own documents, as long as they fit the manner in which the current rendering engine works.

  • The compact rendering engine is now tail-recursive too.


  • Minor optimisation in the smart constructor group.


  • New (simpler) pretty-printing engine. The representation of documents in memory is slightly larger; document construction is perhaps slightly slower, while rendering is significantly faster. (Construction dominates rendering.) The rendering speed is now guaranteed to be independent of the width parameter. The price to pay for this simplification is that the primitive document constructors column and nesting are no longer supported. The API is otherwise unchanged.


  • First official release of PPrint.


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