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Module type
Class type
val add_arg : Arg.key -> Arg.spec -> doc:string -> unit

Add one argument to the command line

val register_code_transformation : name:string -> impl:(Parsetree.structure -> Parsetree.structure) -> intf:(Parsetree.signature -> Parsetree.signature) -> unit

Register a code transformation. impl is the function that is applied on implementation files and intf is the one applied on interface files.

name is a logical name for the transformation (such as sexp_conv or bin_prot). It is not currently used but we might use it in the future for debugging purposes.

val standalone : unit -> unit

Suitable for -pp and also usable as a standalone command line tool.

If the first command line argument is -as-ppx then it will run as a ppx rewriter.

val run_as_ppx_rewriter : unit -> unit

Suitable for -ppx. Used only for the public release.