Ppx based type_conv for various tree data formats
Module Meta_conv . Open

Special types

This module defines types specially handled by meta_conv. To be handled correctly, these type names must be used WITHOUT module names.

For example, Meta_conv.Types.mc_option or Types.mc_option are just treated as normal types and no special meta_conv decoding/encoding are not generated for them.

type 'a mc_option = 'a option
type 'target mc_fields = (string * 'target) list
type 'target mc_leftovers = (string * 'target) list
type ('host, 'target) mc_lazy_t = ( 'host, 'target Error.t ) Result.t lazy_t
type ('host, 'target) mc_result = ( 'host, 'target Error.t ) Result.t
type 'a mc_embeded = 'a
type 'a mc_option_embeded = 'a option
type ('a, 'b) hashtbl = ( 'a, 'b ) Hashtbl.t