package progress

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Configuration for progress bar rendering.

type t
val v : ?ppf:Format.formatter -> ?hide_cursor:bool -> ?persistent:bool -> ?max_width:int option -> ?min_interval:Duration.t option -> unit -> t
  • ppf: the formatter to use for rendering. Defaults to Format.err_formatter.
  • hide_cursor: whether or not to hide the terminal cursor (using the DECTCEM ANSI escape codes) during progress bar rendering. Defaults to true.
  • persistent: whether or not to retain the final progress bar display in the terminal after rendering has finished. Defaults to true.
  • max_width: an optional fixed upper bound on the size of a progress bar (in addition to the one by the terminal width). Defaults to None.
  • min_interval: the minimum time interval between re-renders of the progress bar display (i.e. a debounce threshold). Defaults to 1/60th of a second.
val (||) : t -> t -> t

Merge two config values, with settings from the left taking priority. That is, a || b contains the configuration of a, with unset defaults taken from b.

module Default : sig ... end

Provides the default values of each of the config parameters.


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