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Retry_manager handles transient errors due to blips in networking or Reddit's infrastructure.

Warning. Do not use Retry_manager if it is critical that you do not perform the same action twice. Reddit has been known to send HTTP server error statuses even while successfully handling the request. Therefore, Retry_manager cannot guarantee that a request had no effect before retrying it - it just trusts Reddit when it says that there was an error.

type t
val create : Connection.t -> t
val call : t -> 'a Reddit_api_kernel.Api.t -> ('a, Cohttp.Response.t * Cohttp.Body.t) Async.Deferred.Result.t

call t f immediately calls f unless the last result of such a call shows a loss of service. In the latter case, all calls block, and call periodically calls a read-only API endpoint until service is restored.

"Loss of service" means that a Cohttp function raises or Reddit returns an HTTP server error status code.

val yield_until_reddit_available : t -> unit Async.Deferred.t

yield_until_reddit_available returns immediately if there is no known loss of service; it never causes an HTTP request.