package reparse

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Makes a unbuffered INPUT module. Unbuffered input doesn't buffer any input since it natively supports random access and thus backtracking functionality is in-built to the input itself.


module Promise : PROMISE
module Input : UNBUFFERED_INPUT with type 'a promise = 'a Promise.t


type t

Represents the input.

type 'a promise = 'a Promise.t

Represents an input promise.

type input = Input.t
val create : input -> t
val trim_buffer : t -> pos:int -> unit promise

trim_buffer t ~pos removes data from the input buffer up till pos.

Note After the input buffer is trimmed the parser is unable to backtrack to pos less than pos.

val get_char : t -> pos:int -> [ `Char of char | `Eof ] promise
val get_char_unbuffered : t -> pos:int -> [ `Char of char | `Eof ] promise
val get_cstruct : t -> pos:int -> len:int -> [ `Cstruct of Cstruct.t | `Eof ] promise

get t ~pos ~len returns `String s where String.length s <= len or `Eof if EOI is reached.

val get_cstruct_unbuffered : t -> pos:int -> len:int -> [ `Cstruct of Cstruct.t | `Eof ] promise
val last_trimmed_pos : t -> int promise
val buffer_size : t -> int option promise

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