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Evaluating and manipulating expressions

exception Unknown_id of string
exception Illegal_expr of Expr.t
exception Illegal_application of Expr.t
exception Illegal_array_access of Expr.t
exception Illegal_bit_range_access of Expr.t
exception Invalid_array_access of string * int
exception Illegal_record_access of Expr.t
exception Non_static_expr of Expr.t * Expr.t

Evaluation environment

type env = (string * Expr.value) list
val subst : (string * Expr.value) list -> Expr.t -> Expr.t

subst senv e substitutes each occurence of variable v listed in senv by its value in e

val eval : (string * Expr.value) list -> Expr.t -> Expr.value

eval env e evaluates expression e in the context of environment env