Library for Unix shell programming
  • Add compatibility with -safe-string and therefore OCaml 4.06.0 onwards.

  • Remove uses of the deprecated String.lowercase. Backwards compatibility is
    implemented thanks to the Stdcompat library, which is now a dependency of

Caml-Shcaml 0.2.0

  • Drop the dependency on camlp4, mainly by replacing the static typing of
    structured fields by a lighter, dynamically-checked discipline. This trades
    static guarantees for maintenability.

  • Build system changes, switch to ocamlbuild+topkg

  • Some API refactoring; improve API browsing at the price of some signature
    duplication in the source.

  • Documentation improvements

Caml-Shcaml 0.1.2

  • [23 Sep 2008] We no longer distinguish input and output dups. This
    change is because the old way we did it no longer types under 3.10.2.
    There is probably a better way.

  • [19 Sep 2008] Added DepDAG module for running dependency DAGs in

  • [19 Sep 2008] Added Fitting.run_list as a convenient fitting runner.

Caml-Shcaml 0.1.1

  • [05 Feb 2008] Sed script used to build documentation is now portable;
    no longer relies on GNU sed.

  • [05 Feb 2008] Now supports (and in fact requires) OCaml 3.10. (Should
    we somehow make it work in both? Seems like a pain.)

  • [07 Aug 2007, 05 Feb 2008] pa_linetype now supports anonymous row
    variables, such as <| .. >. When the entire row is anonymous, it
    expands to < .. > rather than a list of fields.

  • [15 Aug 2007] Several places that used to use ints for process statuses
    now use Proc.status instead.

Caml-Shcaml 0.1.0

  • [06 Aug 2007] Initial release