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Module type
Class type

Conversion to and from the packet representation (MS-DTYP

type endian =
  1. | Big
  2. | Little

    Specify the endianness when internalizing integers. Only relevant for subauthorities as the identifier authority is specified as big endian. The default is always Little.

val decode : ?endian:endian -> bytes -> (t, string) result

decode endian b decode the byte buffer b as a SID.

val encode : ?endian:endian -> t -> bytes

encode endian s convert SID s to the packet representation encoding subauthorities in endianness endian.

val from_channel : ?endian:endian -> in_channel -> (t, string) result

from_channel endian ic read binary SID from ic with endianness endian.

val to_channel : ?endian:endian -> out_channel -> t -> unit

to_channel endian oc s write SID s in packet representation to channel oc with endianness endian.