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module SHA1 : sig ... end
module OS : sig ... end


This module provides various functions to compute the swhid of a given object. Supported objects are content, directory, release, revision and snapshot. The origins and visits objects are not supported. To learn more about the different object types and identifiers see the software heritage documentation.

type directory_entry = {
  1. typ : string;

    e.g. "file", "dir" or "rev"

  2. permissions : int;
  3. name : string;
  4. target : Swhid_types.object_id;

The type for directory entries list, needed to compute directories identifiers.

type date = {
  1. timestamp : Int64.t;
  2. tz_offset : int;
  3. negative_utc : bool;

The type for dates, needed to compute releases and revisions identifiers.

val content_identifier : string -> Swhid_types.identifier option

content_identifier s computes the swhid for the s content. s is the raw content of a file as a string.

E.g. content_identifier "_build\n" is the swhid of this library's .gitignore file.

val directory_identifier : directory_entry list -> Swhid_types.identifier option

directory_identifier entries compute the swhid for the entries directory. entries is a list of Swhid_types.directory_entry where each element points to another object (usually a file content or a sub-directory).

E.g. directory_identifier [ { typ = "file" ; permissions = 33188 ; name = "README" ; target = "37ec8ea2110c0b7a32fbb0e872f6e7debbf95e21" }] is the swhid of a directory which has a single file README with permissions 33188 and whose core identifier from content_identifier is 37ec8ea2110c0b7a32fbb0e872f6e7debbf95e21.

val directory_identifier_deep : string -> Swhid_types.identifier option

directory_identifier_deep compute the swhid for a given directory name, it uses the various functions provided in the OS module parameter to list directory contents, get file permissions and read file contents.

val release_identifier : Swhid_types.object_id -> Swhid_types.object_type -> string -> author:string option -> date option -> message:string option -> Swhid_types.identifier option

release_identifier target target_type name ~author date ~message computes the swhid for a release object poiting to an object of type target_type whose identifier is target, the release having name name, author ~author and has been published on date with the release message ~message.

val revision_identifier : Swhid_types.object_id -> Swhid_types.object_id list -> author:string -> author_date:date option -> committer:string -> committer_date:date option -> (string * string) array -> string option -> Swhid_types.identifier option

revision dir parents ~author ~author_date ~committer ~committer_date extra_headers message computes the swhid for a revision object whose directory has id dir and whose parents has ids parents which was authored by ~author on ~author_date and committed by ~committer on ~committer_date with extra headers extra_headers and message message.

val snapshot_identifier : (string * (string * string) option) list -> Swhid_types.identifier option

snapshot_identifier branches computes the swhid of the snapshot made of branches branches where branches is a list of branch elements. Each branch is of the form name, target where name is the name of the branch and where target is a pair made of the identifier of the branch and its type.