The type of signers for operations injected by the injector

type 'block reorg = {
  1. old_chain : 'block list;

    The blocks that were in the old chain and which are not in the new one.

  2. new_chain : 'block list;

    The blocks that are now in the new chain. The length of old_chain and new_chain may be different.


Type of chain reorganizations.

val no_reorg : 'a reorg

fetch_tezos_block ~find_in_cache cctxt hash returns Some block_info given a block hash. Looks for the block using find_in_cache first, and fetches it from the L1 node otherwise. Returns None if no such block hash exists. find_in_cache should be from an instance of Ringo_lwt.Sigs.CACHE_MAP_RESULT.

tezos_reorg fetch ~old_head_hash ~new_head_hash computes the reorganization of L1 blocks from the chain whose head is old_head_hash and the chain whose head new_head_hash.