package tezos-protocol-001-PtCJ7pwo

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Module type
Class type
type balance_update =
  1. | Debited of Tez_repr.t
  2. | Credited of Tez_repr.t

A credit or debit of tezzies to a balance.

type balance_updates = (balance * balance_update) list

A list of balance updates. Duplicates may happen.

val cleanup_balance_updates : balance_updates -> balance_updates

Remove zero-valued balances from a list of updates.

type frozen_balance = {
  1. deposit : Tez_repr.t;
  2. fees : Tez_repr.t;
  3. rewards : Tez_repr.t;

Updating the delegate of a contract.

When calling this function on an "implicit contract" this function fails, unless when the registered delegate is the contract manager. In the that case, the manager is now registered as a delegate. One cannot unregister a delegate for now. The associate contract is now 'undeletable'.

Various functions to 'freeze' tokens. A frozen 'deposit' keeps its associated rolls. When frozen, 'fees' may trigger new rolls allocation. Rewards won't trigger new rolls allocation until unfrozen.

Trigger the context maintenance at the end of cycle 'n', i.e.: unfreeze deposit/fees/rewards from 'n - preserved_cycle' ; punish the provided unrevealed seeds (tipically seed from cycle 'n - 1'). Returns a list of account with the amount that was unfrozen for each and the list of deactivated delegates.

Returns the amount of frozen deposit, fees and rewards associated to a given delegate, indexed by the cycle by which at the end the balance will be unfrozen.

Returns the full 'balance' of the implicit contract associated to a given key, i.e. the sum of the spendable balance and of the frozen balance.

Returns the list of contract that delegated towards a given delegate


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