package tezos-protocol-001-PtCJ7pwo

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Module type
Class type
type 'key t

Typed description of the key-value context.

Trivial display of the key-value context layout.

Export an RPC hierarchy for querying the context. There is one service by possible path in the context. Services for "directory" are able to aggregate in one JSON object the whole subtree.

val create : unit -> 'key t

Create a empty context description, keys will be registred by side effects.

Register a single key accessor at a given path.

val register_named_subcontext : 'key t -> string list -> 'key t

Return a description for a prefixed fragment of the given context. All keys registred in the subcontext will be shared by the external context

type (_, _, _) args =
  1. | One : {
    1. rpc_arg : 'a Tezos_protocol_environment_001_PtCJ7pwo.RPC_arg.t;
    2. encoding : 'a Tezos_protocol_environment_001_PtCJ7pwo.Data_encoding.t;
    3. compare : 'a -> 'a -> int;
    } -> ('key, 'a, 'key * 'a) args
  2. | Pair : ('key, 'a, 'inter_key) args * ('inter_key, 'b, 'sub_key) args -> ('key, 'a * 'b, 'sub_key) args

Description of an index as a sequence of `RPC_arg.t`.

val register_indexed_subcontext : 'key t -> list: ('key -> 'arg list Tezos_protocol_environment_001_PtCJ7pwo.Error_monad.tzresult Tezos_protocol_environment_001_PtCJ7pwo.Lwt.t) -> ('key, 'arg, 'sub_key) args -> 'sub_key t

Return a description for a indexed sub-context. All keys registred in the subcontext will be shared by the external context. One should provide a function to list all the registred index in the context.

Helpers for manipulating and defining indexes.

val pack : ('key, 'a, 'sub_key) args -> 'key -> 'a -> 'sub_key
val unpack : ('key, 'a, 'sub_key) args -> 'sub_key -> 'key * 'a
module type INDEX = sig ... end

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