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Tezos/Protocol: protocol plugin


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Development Changelog

**NB:** The changelog for releases can be found at:

This file lists the changes added to each version of tezos-node,
tezos-client, and the other Octez executables. The changes to the economic
protocol are documented in the ``docs/protocols/`` directory; in
particular in ``docs/protocols/alpha.rst``.

When you make a commit on master, you can add an item in one of the
following subsections (node, client, …) to document your commit or the
set of related commits. This will ensure that this change is not
forgotten in the final changelog, which can be found in ``docs/CHANGES.rst``.
By having your commits update this file you also make it easy to find the
commits which are related to your changes using ``git log -p -- CHANGES.rst``.
Relevant items are moved to ``docs/CHANGES.rst`` after each release.

Only describe changes which affect users (bug fixes and new features),
or which will affect users in the future (deprecated features),
not refactorings or tests. Changes to the documentation do not need to
be documented here either.


- Added Kathmandu, a protocol proposal for Mainnet featuring, among others,
  pipelining of manager operations, improved randomness generation, event
  logging and support for permanent testnets.

- Fix a bug that leads to forgetting the trusted status of peers when connection
  is lost

- Added store metrics to expose the amount of data written while
  storing the last block and the completion time of the last merge.

- Added a block validator metric to expose the number of operation per
  pass for each new block validated.

- Added a protocol specific metrics, head_cycle, head_consumed_gas and

- Added a store metric to expose the number of blocks considered as invalid.

- Fixed the `tezos-node config reset` command which did not actually reset
  the configuration file to its default values.

- Added metrics to observe the bootstrapped and synchronisation

- Added metrics to track the peer validator requests.

- Added an optional query parameter ``metadata`` to the GET
  /chains/<chain>/blocks/<block>/ and GET
  /chains/<chain>/blocks/<block>/operations/ RPCs. Passing this
  parameter with value ``always`` overrides the metadata size limit
  configuration, and forces the re-computation of operation metadata
  whose size was beyond the limit, and therefore not stored. The
  re-computed metadata are not stored on disk after this call, but
  rather just returned by the RPC call. Passing this parameters with
  value ``never`` prevents the request to return metadata, to allow
  lighter requests. If the query string is not used, the configured
  metadata size limit policy is used.

- Deprecated the ``force_metadata`` query paramater for the the GET
  /chains/<chain>/blocks/<block>/ and GET
  /chains/<chain>/blocks/<block>/operations/ RPCs. To get a similar
  behaviour, use the ``metadata`` query string with the value

- Deprecated the CLI argument `--enable-testchain` and the corresponding
  configuration-file option `p2p.enable_testchain`.

- Added metrics to track the pending requests of chain validator, block
  validator and prevalidator workers.

- **Breaking change**: The node context storage format was
  upgraded. To this end, a new storage version was introduced: 1.0
  (previously 0.8). Backward compatibility is preserved: upgrading
  from 0.6, 0.7 (Octez 12.x) or 0.8 (Octez 13.0) is done through the
  ``tezos-node upgrade storage`` command. This upgrade is
  instantaneous. However, be careful that there is no forward
  compatibility: previous versions of Octez will refuse to run on an
  upgraded data directory.

- **Breaking change**: the built-in network alias for Ithacanet
  (``--network ithacanet``) has been removed.

- Added the built-in network alias for Ghostnet (``--network ghostnet``).

- Updated the encoding of worker events json messages.

- Fix a bug preventing the ``replay`` command to run in readonly
  mode. As a side effect, the ``replay`` command was actually writing
  data to the context store.


- Client allows to simulate failing operations with ``--simulation
  --force``, and report errors without specifying limits.

- Added `--ignore-case` option to the `tezos-client gen vanity keys` command
  to allow case-insensitive search for the given pattern.

- Disabled origination of contracts with timelock instructions.



Proxy server
- Changed the proxy server's handling of requests it doesn't know how to serve:
  it now forwards the client to the full node at the given `--endpoint`, by
  responding with a ``301 Moved Permanently`` redirect.

Protocol Compiler And Environment


Docker Images

- **Breaking change**: script ````, also known as
  ```` or ````, has been removed. It was deprecated
  since version 13.0. It is recommended to write your own docker-compose file instead.
  ``scripts/docker/docker-compose-generic.yml`` is an example of such file.

- ``tezos-codec`` is now included in Docker images.

Rollup Binaries

- Included the Transaction Rollups (TORU) and Smart-contract Rollups
  (SCORU) binaries in the Docker images of Octez.  These binaries are
  **experimental**.  They are provided solely for testing-purposes,
  and should not be used in production.  Besides, they should not be
  considered as being part of Octez, and as a consequence will not be
  provided with the same degree of maintenance.  However, developers
  interested in implementing their own rollup nodes and clients are
  more than welcome to leverage them.