A non-compact representation of inboxes that represents complete messages and not their hashes.

type message_result =
  1. | Interpreted of Tezos_protocol_013_PtJakart.Protocol.Tx_rollup_l2_apply.Message_result.t

    The message was interpreted by the rollup node but may have failed

  2. | Discarded of Tezos_base.TzPervasives.tztrace

    The message was discarded because it could not be interpreted


Result of application of an inbox message

type l2_context_hash = {
  1. irmin_hash : Tezos_protocol_013_PtJakart.Protocol.Tx_rollup_l2_context_hash.t;

    The context hash of the commited context, used for checkout

  2. tree_hash : Tezos_crypto.Context_hash.t;

    The tree hash is the hash of the underlying tree in the Context, used to produce proofs


Type of inbox message with the context hash resulting from the application of the message

type t = message list

The type representing an inbox whose contents are the messages and not the hashed messages.

Encoding for l2 context hashes

Encoding for inbox messages

Encoding for inboxes

Returns the Merkle root of the (contents of the) inbox.

Returns the protocol inbox from an L2 inbox. The protocol inbox corresponds to the structure that is stored on L1, i.e. an inbox with Merklized contents.

Return protocol message results for an inbox