type Tezos_base.TzPervasives.error +=
  1. | Tx_rollup_message_proof_too_large of {
    1. limit : int;
    2. actual : int;

Error result when the message's application produces a too large proof. It overrides the layer2 apply message result.

Interpreting the messages in the context.

It uses internally the Prover_apply to produce a proof associated to the interpretation of each message. In the case where the proof is larger than the configuration limit, the message's interpretation is discarded alongside the modified context.

Interpreting the batch in the context.

Similarly to interp_messages, it uses internally the Prover_apply. However, the function fails if the interpretation produces a proof that is larger than the configuration limit. We here want to check only if the batch is interpretable, the modified tree is discarded.

TODO/TORU: maybe we could check the results for each transaction in the batch