type block_id = [
  1. | `Head
  2. | `L2_block of L2block.hash
  3. | `Tezos_block of Tezos_crypto.Block_hash.t
  4. | `Level of L2block.level
val destruct_block_id : string -> (block_id, string) result
module Encodings : sig ... end

Starts the RPC server of the tx_rollup_node.

Returns the tx-rollup-node inbox for a given block.

Returns the L2 block in the tx-rollup-node in the raw format.

Returns the whole queue of L2 transactions.

Returns an L2 transaction in the queue given a transaction hash.

Inject an L2 transaction in the queue of the rollup node and returns the transaction hash.

Get the merkle proof associated to a message position in the block's inbox.

Monitors the synchronized progress of the rollup node with respect to L1.