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OCaml date time and duration natural language parsing library








Timere-parse 0.0.6

  • Bumped dependency of Timedesc to >= 0.6.0, Timere to >= 0.7.0

Timere 0.7.0

  • Replaced CCOpt with CCOption (this bumps dependency of Containers to >= 3.6)

  • Bumped dependency of Timedesc to >= 0.6.0

Timedesc 0.6.0

  • Main breaking changes:

    • Changes in ISO week date functions (shorting label for arguments, quality of life changes)

    • Removed _date suffix in names of Date.Ymd_date and Date.ISO_ord_date

  • Replaced CCOpt with CCOption (this bumps dependency of Containers to >= 3.6)

  • Added "partial date" modules with ISO8601 parsing and printing facilities

    • ISO_week

    • Ym

  • Added additional ISO8601 printing facilities for all three calendar systems

    • Date.Ymd.pp/to_iso8601 (these are just aliases to the RFC3339 printers)

    • Date.ISO_week_date.pp/to_iso8601

    • Date.ISO_ord.pp/to_iso8601

  • Added additional ISO8601 parsing facilities for all three calendar systems

    • Date.Ymd.of_iso8601[_exn]

    • Date.ISO_week_date.of_iso8601[_exn]

    • Date.ISO_ord.of_iso8601[_exn]

  • Added additional comparison functions to Date

    • lt, le, gt, ge, compare

  • Added arithemtic functions to Date

  • Added pp/to_iso8601 functions as aliases to the rfc3339 functions to Timedesc

  • Patched ISO8601 parsers and RFC3339/ISO8601 printers to handle second level time zone offset

    • Rare occurrence in tzdb but picked up by some new tests

  • Added additional date conversion functions to Utils

    • ymd_of_jd

    • weekday_of_jd

    • doy_of_ymd

    • jd_of_ydoy

  • Added Time_zone.recorded_offsets

  • Tzdb refresh

Timere-parse 0.0.5

  • Updated use of Timedesc, Timere API

  • Added support for parsing "24:00" and "24:00:00"

  • Added exception raising version of functions

  • Upgraded ruleset

  • Renamed Timere_parse.duration to Timere_parse.span

Timedesc 0.5.1

  • Added ISO week date and ISO ordinal date parsing support in ISO8601 date and date time parsers

  • Added Timedesc.Date.of_iso8601

  • Added Timedesc.Time.of_iso8601

  • Added _exn variants of ISO8601 parsing functions

  • Small tuning of ISO8601 parsing behaviour

  • Added pp_rfc3339 and to_rfc3339 to Timedesc.Date and Timedesc.Time modules

  • Added sexp serialisation/deserialisation functions to Timedesc.Date and Timedesc.Time

Timere 0.6.0

  • Added inc_exc argument to bounded_intervals

    • This fixes expressiveness issues caused by lack of an inclusive version

  • Renamed bounded_intervals to pattern_intervals

  • Swapped to using inc_exc for hms_intervals API

  • Added nanosecond support for pattern and Points.t

  • Added Timere.resolve_exn

  • Minor fixes of resolve for edge cases

  • Upgraded Timere.Points.make to do a lot more deduction of missing arguments

  • Renamed & to &&&

  • Removed Timere.Hms module, replaced use of Timere.Hms.t with Timedesc.Time.t

Timedesc 0.5.0

  • Made Timedesc.Span.t abstract

  • Added accessors get_s, get_ns_offset and conversion function to_s_ns to Timedesc.Span module

  • Made Timedesc.Time_zone_info.t abstract

  • Added accessors tz and fixed_offset_from_utc to Timedesc.Time_zone_info module

  • Added format string system to Timedesc.Span.For_human.pp and to_string

Timedesc 0.4.0

  • Added following to Timedesc.Utils

    • jd_of_ymd

    • jd_of_date

    • jd_of_unix_epoch

    • jd_span_of_unix_epoch

  • Added Zoneless module

    • Moved "date and time" API into Zoneless module

    • Zoneless also includes extra ISO8601 parsing functions for handling ISO8601 strings
      with no time zone designators

  • Updated definition of Time_zone.equal and Time_zone.utc

  • Added comparison functions

    • compare_chrono_min

    • compare_chrono_max

    • compare_struct

Timedesc 0.3.1

  • Fixed Timedesc.Span.make handling of ns when ns = Int.min_int

  • Added Timedesc.Span.Out_of_range exception for when it is not possible represent the value even after normalization

Timere 0.5.0

  • Fixed unhandled exception/crash due to trying to construct invalid date times when resolving patterns

  • Fixed lossy behaviour in Pattern_resolver.Branch.to_date_time

  • Fixed incorrect resolution due to incorrect definition of Resolver.timestamp_safe_sub

  • General fixes in pattern_resolver and resolver for edge cases nearing Timedesc.Timestamp.min_val and Timedesc.Timestamp.max_val

  • Bumped Timedesc dep to 0.3.0 for easier to handle time zone transitions
    (due to the updated definition of Timedesc.Timestamp.max_val)

    • This makes resolver code simpler

  • Fixed crash due to Points.to_date_time by changing to simply return None if date time conversion fails

  • Added automatic bound deduction by default for bounded_intervals

  • Overhaul of search space optimization code in resolver

Timedesc 0.3.0

  • Added ceil, floor and round to Timedesc.Span (and also re-exported them in Timedesc.Timestamp)

  • Rounded down Timedesc.Timestamp.max_val to closest integer

  • Added automatic second fraction precision support for non-RFC3339 pretty printers

  • Updated default format string for pretty printers to include second fraction

  • Updated format string system to better support second fraction

Timere 0.4.0

  • Migration of date time components to Timedesc

  • Changed inter [] to mean always instead of empty

  • Fixed overapproximate_search_space_bottom_up handling of bounded intervals

    • Previously the default search time zone was used during points to date time
      conversion instead of the time zone passed during execution

Timedesc 0.2.0

  • Added ISO int conversion functions for weekday

  • Fixed Timedesc.Date.day accessor, which is used by Timedesc.day

  • Renamed week to iso_week for ISO week date API

  • Replaced use of CCOpt.get_exn with CCOpt.get_exn_or

  • Made Timedesc.Time.t abstract

  • Modified Timedesc.Time.t underlying representation

  • Fixed Timedesc.Time.make to handle 24:00:00 "properly" by rewriting it to 23:59:59.999_999_999

Timedesc 0.1.0

  • Migration of date time components from Timere

  • Changes to date time components

    • Added recognition of "UTC+/-offset", e.g. "UTC+7", "UTC-07:00", to Timere.Time_zone.make

    • Tuning behaviour of Timere.Time_zone.make for handling time zones with UTC prefix

    • Updated ISO8601 parser to tolerate separator other than T

    • Updated ISO8601 parser to tolerate numbers expressed in only one digit

    • Added size checking to Timere.Time_zone.make_offset_only*

    • Removed raising of Invalid_argument outside of Timere combinators, pp* and some *_exn functions

    • Fixed Points.make error checking

    • Moved hms into Hms module

    • Improved hms error returning

    • Added Timere.Week_date_time module for handling ISO week date time

    • Removed type month, replaced use of it with just int

    • Documentation overhaul with readability improvement and introduction to date time handling added

    • Renamed Timere.Date_time.to_weekday to Timere.Date_time.weekday

    • Unified Duration and Span module. Now there is only Span module with human friendly constructors
      and view type in Timere.Span.For_human

    • Many changes and restructuring for better usability...

Timere 0.3.1

  • Minor refactoring on use of pattern resolver to simplify reasoning about undefined/uncertain behaviour

  • Added Timere.Span.make_small

Timere 0.3.0 (unreleased)

  • Added support for parsing "24:00" and "24:00:00" in Timere.Date_time.of_iso8601

  • Changed make_hms to replace second with 59 when 60 is provided

  • Renamed Date_time.make_precise to Date_time.make_unambiguous

  • Added leap second handling to Date_time

  • Fixed crash in Timere.Date_time.of_iso8601 due to failed date time construction

  • Upgraded Time_zone.make_offset_only API

  • Updated tz_info and Time_zone.t definition to remove overlap of functionality for representing
    time zone with only constant offset

  • Renamed constants min and max to min_val and max_val for Timere.Timestamp and Timere.Date_time

  • Added since and since_timestamp

  • Pattern resolver overhaul

  • Resolver search space slicing fix in

    • slice_search_space

    • overapproximate_search_space_bottom_up

    • restrict_search_space_top_down

  • Changed {mday:...} to {day:...} in format string system

  • Better error messages when local time zone cannot be determined (PR #23)

Timere 0.2.2

  • Moved timestamp functions into Timere.Timestamp module

  • Added fractional second support to ISO8601 parsing

  • Fixed Span.of_float handling of negative floats

  • Renamed label argument precision to frac_s for RFC3339 related functions

  • Removed rounding behaviour of fractional digits for RFC3339 related functions

  • Changed make_hms to accept second field to be 60

Timere 0.2.1

  • Fixed OCaml 4.06.1 compatibility

Timere 0.2.0 (unreleased)

  • Added support for nanosecond precision for date times and timestamps

  • Updated tzdb

  • Fixed Timere.Date_time.make and Timere.Date_time.make_exn types

  • Timere.Date_time API tuning

  • Extended format string to support number form of month

  • Extended format string to support fractional seconds

  • Formatted date time string construction now fails explicitly when tz offset is required but cannot be deduced

Timere-parse 0.0.4

  • Replaced Int module with CCInt for building in version 4.06.1

Timere-parse 0.0.3

  • Ruleset update

  • Added time zone support

  • Improved bounded interval bound choosing (e.g. "10am to 2pm" would use a bound of 2 days now instead of 366 days)

  • Fixed parsing of hmss

Timere 0.1.5

  • Fixed following functions which may exception when tzlocal.none backend is used

    • Timere.intervals

    • Timere.resolve

  • Added tzlocal.utc backend

  • Fixed slowdowns in inter resolution caused by incorrect batch and search space slicing logic

  • Fixed sexp_of_timestamp which previously did not specify time zone explicitly as UTC after the default time zone parameter change in API

  • Fixed use of Date_time'.of_timestamp at places by specifying the time zone explicitly as UTC

  • Updated bounded_intervals to try to avoid constructing terms that result in (almost) non-termination

Timere-parse 0.0.2

  • Added corpus

  • General parser upgrade

  • Added parser for hms

Timere 0.1.4

  • Added missing exception handling in Time.pattern for Range.Range_is_invalid

  • Added local time zone detection (Timere.Time_zone.local)

  • Swapped to using local time zone by default in Timere.Date_time API

  • Added missing to/of sexp functions for Date_time and Duration modules

  • Added pretty printers for Timere.hms

Timere-parse 0.0.1

  • Base version

Timere 0.1.3

  • Base version