package typerep

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Module type
Class type

The name is used for debug information only in case of Broken_dependency. The required is to handle dependencies between generics at runtime. Example: if X is the module given to build a generic computation G that depends on three other computation A,B,C then X.required shall be A.ident ; B.ident ; C.ident


module X : sig ... end


type 'a t = 'a X.t
type 'a computation = 'a t
val ident : Ident.t
exception Not_implemented of string * string

generic_ident * typename or info

register mechanism to customize the behavior of this generic

include Type_generic_intf.S with type 'a t := 'a t
include sig ... end
module type S = sig ... end
module type S1 = sig ... end
module type S2 = sig ... end
module type S3 = sig ... end
module type S4 = sig ... end
module type S5 = sig ... end
val register0 : (module S) -> unit

Extending an existing generic for a particular type name

The use of first class modules there is essentially because we cannot talk about a variable of kind * -> k val register1 : 'a 't Typerep.t -> ('a computation -> 'a 't computation) -> unit ...

val register1 : (module S1) -> unit
val register2 : (module S2) -> unit
val register3 : (module S3) -> unit
val register4 : (module S4) -> unit
val register5 : (module S5) -> unit
val register : 'a Std_internal.Typerep.t -> 'a computation -> unit

special less scary type when the type has no parameters. this is equivalent as using register0

val of_typerep : 'a Std_internal.Typerep.t -> [ `generic of 'a computation ]

main function : compute the generic computation from the typerep

module Computation : Computation with type 'a t = 'a t

exported to build a computation on top of a previous one


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