Typed Regular Expressions
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  • Move to dune

  • Avoid deprecate Re functions

0.4.1 (17 August 2018)

  • Reverts the removal of Re.marks.
    This fixes various bugs in the previous version.

0.4 (06 August 2018)

  • Move to dune

  • Remove the need for Re.marks.
    This might open the way to alterative backends, such as JS regexs.
    See https://github.com/Drup/tyre/issues/1 for details.

  • Use Seq instead of Gen. This is a breaking change.

0.3 (17 April 2017)

  • Performance improvements.

  • Fix the behavior of opt (Prefer eating input).

  • Remove conv_fail and allow usual converters to fail with an exception.

  • Add Tyre.all and Tyre.all_gen

0.2 (08 October 2016)

  • Rename <?> to <|>

  • Rename <*> to <&>

  • Add the str and char combinators for constant patterns.

  • Add the blank combinator.

  • Add an Infix module.

  • Tyre.conv is now separated into two combinators, conv which doesn't use
    an option, but is not allowed to fail, and conv_fail which allows failures.

  • The prefix (<*) and suffix (*>) operators now accepts tyregexs on both
    sides. The old behavior can be recovered by combining with Tyre.str.
    This makes prefixstr/suffixstr (**>/<**) redundant, they are removed.

  • The various list combinators now accept a tyregex as separator.
    The old behavior can be recovered by combining with Tyre.str.

  • Add the start and stop combinators.

  • The ~whole argument for compile and route is removed.
    tyregex don't match the whole string by default anymore.
    You can use Tyre.whole_string or Tyre.start and Tyre.stop instead.

0.1.1 (09 September 2016)

  • Fix a bug with nested repetitions. Also avoid some copying of the original string.

  • Add Tyre.execp

0.1 (11 August 2016)

First version :tada: