Pure OCaml Wayland protocol library
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  • Improve connection shutdown (#22).
    Add shutdown and up methods to the transport API.
    Call shutdown to start a clean shutdown of the connection.
    Use up to detect that a connection is shutting down (to avoid logging pointless errors).
    Add close and socket methods to unix_transport.

  • Log exceptions handling messages instead of aborting the connection (#21).
    Most errors are not fatal, and closing the connection means the application can't even e.g. prompt the user to save their work.

  • Add Client.dump and Server.dump (#20). Useful for finding object reference leaks.

  • Add Proxy.pp_transport (#19). Useful for logging when you have multiple connections.

  • Also call on_delete handlers when the connection ends (#18).
    Allows them to be used for cleaning up resources.

  • Add set_paused to pause processing of incoming messages (#17).

  • Add Proxy.can_send (#16).
    This is useful to check whether a proxy has been destroyed.

  • Raise Invalid_argument on Proxy.id if the proxy is destroyed.

  • Add wp_primary_selection_unstable_v1.
    This appears to be identical to gtk-primary-selection except for the name and that it's marked as unstable.
    But sway has dropped support for the old name (see https://github.com/swaywm/sway/pull/5788).

  • Update to latest Fmt API.

  • Fix deprecation warning with cstruct 6.0.1.


  • Bugfix: handle SIGPIPE properly (#15).

  • Add license field to opam metadata.


Initial release.