package x509

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RSA public key DER and PEM encoding and decoding

Public keys as specified in PKCS 8 are supported in this module, mainly RSA.

type t = [
  1. | `RSA of
  2. | `EC_pub of Asn.oid

The polymorphic variant of public keys, with PKCS 8 encoding and decoding to PEM.

val id : t -> Cstruct.t

id public_key is digest, the 160-bit `SHA1 hash of the BIT STRING subjectPublicKey (excluding tag, length, and number of unused bits) for publicKeyInfo of public_key.

RFC 5280,, variant (1)

val fingerprint : ?hash:Nocrypto.Hash.hash -> t -> Cstruct.t

fingerprint ?hash public_key is digest, the hash (by default SHA256) of the DER encoded public key (equivalent to openssl x509 -noout -pubkey | openssl pkey -pubin -outform DER | openssl dgst -HASH).

Decoding and encoding in ASN.1 DER and PEM format

val encode_der : t -> Cstruct.t

encode_der pk is buffer, the ASN.1 encoding of the given public key.

val decode_der : Cstruct.t -> (t, [> Rresult.R.msg ]) Rresult.result

decode_der buffer is pubkey, the public key of the ASN.1 encoded buffer.

val decode_pem : Cstruct.t -> (t, [> Rresult.R.msg ]) Rresult.result

decode_pem pem is t, where the public key of pem is extracted

val encode_pem : t -> Cstruct.t

encode_pem public_key is pem, the pem encoded public key.


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