Parse and generate YAML 1.1 files
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  • Support Yaml 1.2, and stop advertising Yaml 1.0 support.
    This also updates the vendored libyaml to 0.2.5 (@favonia #37).

  • Add a Yaml.Util module with a number of useful combinators
    to manipulate Yaml.value types, such as retrieving keys and
    values, finding entries and converting to OCaml native
    types (@patricoferris #43)

  • Move the sexpression derivers into a separate Yaml_sexp
    package (the yaml-sexp opam package). This reduces dependencies
    on the main library. You can still use Yaml types in
    ppx_sexplib_conv derivers by simply replacing the
    Yaml.value (or other type) with Yaml_sexp.value which is
    an alias that also includes the Sexp conversion functions in
    its scope. (@alan-j-hu @avsm #46).

  • When outputting values, wrap special values like "true" or
    "1.0" in double quotes, so that Yaml.of_string will not
    interpret them as a non-string value (@avsm #47).

  • Track anchors and mappings in Yaml.yaml (but not in the
    Yaml.value JSON representation). This also allows non-scalar
    values to be used as keys. (@favonia #38)

  • Bump the internal write buffer for stream emission to
    256k from 64k, as people are writing ever-larger Yaml
    files! In the future, this static buffer will be replaced
    by a dynamically growing output buffer but for now needs
    to be set manually.

  • The minimum supported OCaml version is now OCaml 4.05.

v2.1.0 (07/02/2020)

  • Fix a memory unsoundness issue with larger files in the
    bindings to libyaml, which fixes spurious errors when parsing
    larger YAML files (#35 marcinkoziej)

  • Expose more information about error locations while parsing
    a Yaml file (#34 @marcinkoziej)

  • Add test for a large Yaml file (#30 @pmonson711)

  • Bump size of internal serialisation buffer in to_string
    to 64KB from 16KB (@avsm).

  • Switch CI to GitHub Actions (@avsm)

  • Depend on dune-configurator in the build to be compatible
    with dune 2.0 and higher (@avsm)

v2.0.1 (18/08/2019)

  • Add unexpected error codes to error messages so that
    debugging errors from libyaml is possible (#28 @mjambon)

v2.0.0 (24/03/2019)

  • Represent quoted scalars as strings in Json encoding (#22 @rizo, fixes #20).

  • Expose more detailed scalar information in Yaml.yaml (#22 @rizo).

  • Add Yaml.equal (#22 @rizo)

  • Avoid printing the decimal point when the float number is an
    integer (#25 @kit-ty-kate)

v1.0.0 (17/02/2019)

  • Support parsing of canonical Yaml null, float and bool
    values (@avsm, fixes #15 #16).

  • Port from jbuilder to dune (#2 @rgrinberg)

  • Use dune.configurator for config probing (#18 @emillon)

  • Upgrade opam metadata to 2.0 format (@avsm)

  • Suppress some C warnings on build due to ctypes autogen
    until ctypes gains support for unsigned char types (@avsm)

  • Add Windows build support (@avsm #11)

  • Refresh libyaml to upstream changeset 85d1f168ef39f4 (@avsm)

  • Switch CI to Azure Pipelines and test Windows, Linux and
    macOS (@avsm)

  • Add Junit output to the Alcotest (@avsm)

v0.2.1 (01/06/2018)

  • Repair build on ppc64le by using Configurator to query CFLAGS.
    ppc64le needs an mcmodel=small due to a quick of the architecture.

  • Minor improvements to ocamldoc documentation.

  • Remove pkg/pkg.ml as dune-release is used for release now.

v0.2.0 (17/05/2018)

  • Explicitly depend on sexplib in jbuild description.

  • Remove use of deprecated build variables in jbuild file.

  • Add a Yaml_unix module with functions to read and write
    from files directly.

  • Eliminate runtime dependency on Str (#10 from @yallop)

  • Various build fixes (#9 #8 #7 from @diml @rgrinberg).

v0.1.0 (24/12/2017)

  • Initial public release.