OCaml bindings for ZeroMQ 4.x
  • fix bug in STREAM sockets (#114, @c-cube)


  • Add poll helpers: mask_in, mask_out, mask_in_out

  • Fix build with OCaml 4.13 (#108, #110, @Leonidas-from-XIV)

  • Fix Xpub typo (#107, @roddyyaga)


  • Support building with dune 1.x and 2.x (#104)

  • Bring back support for OCaml 4.03 for zmq and zmq-lwt (#101, #102)


  • Use unix sockets in tests to aoivd permission problems when running
    in a sandbox environment.

  • Make monitor test more reliable by explictly waiting for each event to


  • Fix EINVAL when attempting to get the curve encryption keys (#85, #86, #91)

  • Do not depend on configurator anymore (#96)

  • Depend on v0.11 versions of Jane Street packages to not fail on makedev
    issue. This requires us to drop support for OCaml 4.03 (#93)


  • Implement Msg.gets (#87, #90)

  • Improve support for OCaml 4.08+ (#83, #89)

  • Properly allocate right size of caml block (#88)

  • Update build config to use new dune syntax

  • Remove configurator in favor of dune.configurator. This removes the build time
    dependency on the configurator and base packages.


  • Change build system to use jbuilder instead of oasis. This also adds proper
    support for pkg-config installed zmq.

  • Import zmq-async and zmq-lwt. The old bindings async-zmq and lwt-zmq are now

  • Refactor zmq-async and zmq-lwt to be supported out of a single code base. This
    regularizes the interface, and dramatically improves and stability.

  • Add support for and reading & writing bigarrays. This interfaces allows the
    user to reduce needless copying of packets sent by the bindings.

  • Rename module ZMQ to Zmq.


  • Add threading example by Stavros Polymenis

  • Minor addition to API documentation

  • Remove OCaml version requirement in opam package (strictly not part of this
    release, but still)


  • Fixes compilation errors when compiling with 4.03 (and 4.04)

  • Fixes a generic problem with deallocating resources though finalisers. As a
    result no resources are automatically released though finalisers. However a
    warning will be printed to stdout if resources are leaked

  • Include oasis autogenerated files, removing the dependency on oasis when


  • The build system now also looks for ZMQ headers and libraries in /usr/local


  • Compatibility with ZeroMQ 4.1


  • Fixed error when GC collecting contexts freed by ZMQ.Context.terminate

  • Fixed overflow bug in get_bytes_option


  • Remove get_identity/set_identity socket-type restrictions