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Chapter 34  The bigarray library

The bigarray library has now been integrated into OCaml’s standard library.

The bigarray functionality may now be found in the standard library Bigarray module, except for the map_file function which is now part of the Unix library. The documentation has been integrated into the documentation for the standard library.

The legacy bigarray library bundled with the compiler is a compatibility library with exactly the same interface as before, i.e. with map_file included.

We strongly recommend that you port your code to use the standard library version instead, as the changes required are minimal.

If you choose to use the compatibility library, you must link your programs as follows:

        ocamlc other options bigarray.cma other files
        ocamlopt other options bigarray.cmxa other files

For interactive use of the bigarray compatibility library, do:

        ocamlmktop -o mytop bigarray.cma

or (if dynamic linking of C libraries is supported on your platform), start ocaml and type #load "bigarray.cma";;.

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