package tyxml

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Typesafe constructors for HTML documents (Functorial interface)

See <<a_manual chapter="functors"|the manual of the functorial interface>>.

module Make (Xml : Xml_sigs.T with type ('a, 'b) W.ft = 'a -> 'b) (Svg : Svg_sigs.T with module Xml := Xml) : Html_sigs.Make(Xml)(Svg).T with type +'a elt = Xml.elt and type +'a attrib = Xml.attrib

Create a new implementation of HTML, using the given underlying Xml and Svg implementation. Will output a module of type Html_sigs.T with the various type equalities.

module Wrapped_functions (Xml : Xml_sigs.T with type ('a, 'b) W.ft = 'a -> 'b) : Html_sigs.Wrapped_functions with module Xml = Xml

The standard set of wrapped functions, when W.ft is the regular function.

Similar to Make but with a custom set of wrapped functions.


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