package mrmime

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type decoder

Type of decoder.

type decode = [
  1. | `Field of Field.field Location.with_location
  2. | `Await
  3. | `End of string
  4. | `Malformed of string
val decoder : Field.witness Mrmime__.Field_name.Map.t -> decoder

decoder parsers returns a decoder with a set of field-name binded with expected kind of value. When the decoder will decode value of a given field-name, it will try to extract expected value describe by the given Field.witness or it returns a Unstructured.t.

val decode : decoder -> decode

decode decoder is:

  • `Field field when extracted a field.
  • `Await when the decoder wants more input.
  • `End trailer when we reach end of the header. trailer is what the user gaves which is not the part of the header.
  • `Malformed err we we reach an error while decoding.
val src : decoder -> string -> int -> int -> unit

src decoder src off len gives more input to decoder. The function can fail when given input is bigger than internal buffer of decoder (see decoder).


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