package opam-format

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Formulas on packages, opt. with sub-formulas on versions, and conversion functions

binary operations (compatible with the Dose type for Cudf operators!)

type version_constraint = relop * OpamPackage.Version.t

Version constraints for OPAM

Formula atoms for OPAM

val string_of_atom : atom -> string

Pretty-printing of atoms

val short_string_of_atom : atom -> string

The compact atom format used in requests, "pkgOPvers", with '.' allowed instead of '='

val atom_of_string : string -> atom

Parses a package or atom, in a format similar to short_string_of_atom.

  • raises [Failure]

    if the format is incorrect

val string_of_atoms : atom list -> string

Prints atoms as a conjunction ("&") using the short format

val check : atom -> OpamPackage.t -> bool

Checks if a package verifies an atom

val packages_of_atoms : ?disj:bool -> OpamPackage.Set.t -> atom list -> OpamPackage.Set.t

Return all packages satisfying the given atoms from a set (i.e. name matching at least one of the atoms, version matching all atoms with the appropriate name). If disj is true, returns packages that satisfy at least one of the constraint of a given name, otherwise that satisfy all constraints.

type 'a conjunction = 'a list

AND formulas

val string_of_conjunction : ('a -> string) -> 'a conjunction -> string

Pretty print AND formulas

type 'a disjunction = 'a list

OR formulas

val string_of_disjunction : ('a -> string) -> 'a disjunction -> string

Pretty print OR formulas

type 'a cnf = 'a disjunction conjunction

CNF formulas (Conjunctive Normal Form)

type 'a dnf = 'a conjunction disjunction

DNF formulas (Disjunctive Normal Form)

val string_of_cnf : ('a -> string) -> 'a cnf -> string

Pretty print CNF formulas

val string_of_dnf : ('a -> string) -> 'a dnf -> string

Pretty print DNF formulas

type 'a formula =
  1. | Empty
  2. | Atom of 'a
  3. | Block of 'a formula
  4. | And of 'a formula * 'a formula
  5. | Or of 'a formula * 'a formula

General formulas

val compare_formula : ('a -> 'a -> int) -> 'a formula -> 'a formula -> int
val eval : ('a -> bool) -> 'a formula -> bool

Eval a formula

val partial_eval : ('a -> [ `Formula of 'b formula | `True | `False ]) -> 'a formula -> [ `Formula of 'b formula | `True | `False ]
val check_relop : relop -> int -> bool

Check a relational operator against an integer from compare

val eval_relop : relop -> OpamPackage.Version.t -> OpamPackage.Version.t -> bool

Evaluate a relational operator between versions

val neg_relop : relop -> relop
val string_of_formula : ('a -> string) -> 'a formula -> string

Pretty print a formula

val ands : 'a formula list -> 'a formula

Convert a list of formulas to an AND-formula (Empty formulas are ignored)

val ands_to_list : 'a formula -> 'a formula list

Converts back an AND-formula to a list (flattens top-level ands)

val ors : 'a formula list -> 'a formula

Convert a list of formulas to an OR-formula (Empty formulas are ignored)

val ors_to_list : 'a formula -> 'a formula list

Converts back an OR-formula to a list (flattens top-level ors)

val map : ('a -> 'b formula) -> 'a formula -> 'b formula

Map on atoms. Atoms for which the given function returns Empty will be simply removed

val map_formula : ('a formula -> 'a formula) -> 'a formula -> 'a formula

Maps top-down on a formula

val map_up_formula : ('a formula -> 'a formula) -> 'a formula -> 'a formula

Maps bottom-up on a formula (atoms first)

val neg : ('a -> 'a) -> 'a formula -> 'a formula

Negates a formula (given the function to negate atoms)

val iter : ('a -> unit) -> 'a formula -> unit

Iter function

val fold_left : ('a -> 'b -> 'a) -> 'a -> 'b formula -> 'a

Fold function (bottom-up, left-to-right)

val fold_right : ('a -> 'b -> 'a) -> 'a -> 'b formula -> 'a

Fold function (bottom-up, right-to-left)

val sort : ('a -> 'a -> int) -> 'a formula -> 'a formula

Sort formula, using compare function. `Block` around `Or` and `And` \ are removed.

type version_formula = version_constraint formula

Expressions composed entirely of version constraints

val check_version_formula : version_formula -> OpamPackage.Version.t -> bool

Checks if a given version satisfies a formula

An atom is: name * (relop * version) formula. Examples of valid formulae:

  • "foo" {> "1" & (<"3" | ="5")}
  • "foo" {= "1" | > "4"} | ("bar" "bouh")
val compare : t -> t -> int
val verifies : t -> OpamPackage.t -> bool

Returns true if package verifies formula (i.e. it is within at least one package set that is a solution of the formula, and is named in the formula)

val satisfies_depends : OpamPackage.Set.t -> t -> bool

Checks if a given set of (installed) packages satisfies a formula

Returns the subset of packages possibly matching the formula (i.e. including all disjunction cases)

val cnf_of_formula : 'a formula -> 'a formula

Convert a formula to CNF

val dnf_of_formula : 'a formula -> 'a formula

Convert a formula to DNF

val to_atom_formula : t -> atom formula

Transform a formula where versions can be expressed using formulas to a flat atom formula

val of_atom_formula : atom formula -> t

Convert an atom-formula to a t-formula

val simplify_ineq_formula : ('a -> 'a -> int) -> (relop * 'a) formula -> (relop * 'a) formula option

simplify_ineq_formula comp f returns a canonical version of inequality formula f, based on comparison function comp, where each version appears at most once, and in increasing order. Returns Some Empty if the formula is always true, None if it is always false

val simplify_version_formula : version_formula -> version_formula option

Like simplify_ineq_formula, but specialised on version formulas

A more aggressive version of simplify_version_formula that attempts to find a shorter formula describing the same subset of versions within a given set. The empty formula is returned for an empty set, and the original formula is otherwise returned as is if no versions match.

formula_of_version_set set subset generates a formula that is enough to describe all packages of subset and exclude packages otherwise in set


val atoms : t -> atom list

Return all the atoms

val to_string : t -> string

Pretty print the formula

val to_conjunction : t -> atom conjunction

Return a conjunction. If the initial formula is not a conjunction, then fail.

val of_conjunction : atom conjunction -> t

Return a formula from a conjunction of atoms

val to_disjunction : t -> atom disjunction

Return a disjunction of atoms from a package formula. It the initial formula is not a disjunction, then fail.

val set_to_disjunction : OpamPackage.Set.t -> t -> atom disjunction

Like to_disjunction, but accepts conjunctions within constraint formulas, resolving them using the provided package set. Conjunctions between packages still raise Failure.

val of_disjunction : atom disjunction -> t

Return a formula from a disjunction of atoms

val to_cnf : t -> atom cnf

Return an equivalent CNF formula

val to_dnf : t -> atom dnf

Return an equivalent DNF formula


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