package graphlib

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Module type
Class type

A solution to a system of fixed-point equations.

We represent the solution to a system of fixed-point equations as a pair of a finite mapping M that associates a variable (a node) with its value, and a default value, that is a value of all variables that are not in M.

type ('n, 'd) t

an abstract representation of a solution

val create : ('n, 'd, _) Core_kernel.Std.Map.t -> 'd -> ('n, 'd) t

create constraints default creates an initial approximation of a solution. The default parameter defines the default value of all variables unspecified in the initial constraints.

  • parameter constraints

    a finite mapping from variables to their value approximations.

    For the returned value s the following is true:

    • not(is_fixpoint s)
    • iterations s = 0
    • get s x = constraints[x] if x in constraints else default
val iterations : ('n, 'd) t -> int

iterations s returns the total number of iterations that was made to obtain the current solution.

val default : ('n, 'd) t -> 'd<