Flow implementations and combinators for MirageOS
Library mirage-flow
Module Mirage_flow

This module defines the flow signature for MirageOS.

Release v2.0.1

type write_error = [
| `Closed

The type for generic write errors on flows.

val pp_write_error : write_error Fmt.t

pp_write_error is the pretty-printer for write errors.

type 'a or_eof = [
| `Data of 'a
| `Eof

The type for read results on flows.

val pp_or_eof : 'a Fmt.t -> 'a or_eof Fmt.t

pp_or_eof is the pretty-printer for or_eof values.

module type S = sig ... end

Abstract flow signature.

Copy stats

type stats = {
read_bytes : int64;
read_ops : int64;
write_bytes : int64;
write_ops : int64;
duration : int64;

The type for I/O statistics from a copy operation.

val pp_stats : stats Fmt.t

pp_stats is the pretty-printer for flow stats.