Module Build_path_prefix_map

module Build_path_prefix_map: sig .. end

Rewrite paths for reproducible builds

Warning: this module is unstable and part of compiler-libs.


type path = string 
type path_prefix = string 
type error_message = string 
val encode_prefix : path_prefix -> string
val decode_prefix : string ->
(path_prefix, error_message)
type pair = {
   target : path_prefix;
   source : path_prefix;
val encode_pair : pair -> string
val decode_pair : string ->
(pair, error_message)
type map = pair option list 
val encode_map : map -> string
val decode_map : string ->
(map, error_message)
val rewrite_first : map ->
path -> path option

rewrite_first map path tries to find a source in map that is a prefix of the input path. If it succeeds, it replaces this prefix with the corresponding target. If it fails, it just returns None.

val rewrite_all : map ->
path -> path list

rewrite_all map path finds all sources in map that are a prefix of the input path. For each matching source, in priority order, it replaces this prefix with the corresponding target and adds the result to the returned list. If there are no matches, it just returns [].

val rewrite : map ->
path -> path

rewrite path uses rewrite_first to try to find a mapping for path. If found, it returns that, otherwise it just returns path.