package alcotest

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Testable values

The following combinators represent types that can be used with the check functions below.

module type TESTABLE = sig ... end

TESTABLE provides an abstract description for testable values.

type 'a testable = (module TESTABLE with type t = 'a)

The type for testable values.

val testable : 'a Fmt.t -> ('a -> 'a -> bool) -> 'a testable

testable pp eq is a new testable with the pretty-printer pp and equality eq.

val pp : 'a testable -> 'a Fmt.t

pp t is t's pretty-printer.

val equal : 'a testable -> 'a -> 'a -> bool

equal t is t's equality.

val bool : bool testable

bool tests booleans.

val int : int testable

int tests integers.

val int32 : int32 testable

int32 tests 32-bit integers.

val int64 : int64 testable

int64 tests 64-bit integers.

val float : float -> float testable

float tests floats with specified absolute error.

val char : char testable

char tests characters.

val string : string testable

string tests OCaml strings.

val bytes : bytes testable

bytes tests OCaml bytes.

val unit : unit testable

unit tests unit values (useful for functions with side-effects).

val list : 'a testable -> 'a list testable

list t tests lists of ts.

val slist : 'a testable -> ('a -> 'a -> int) -> 'a list testable

slist t comp tests sorted lists of ts. The list are sorted using comp.

val array : 'a testable -> 'a array testable

array t tests arrays of ts.

val option : 'a testable -> 'a option testable

option t tests optional ts.

val result : 'a testable -> 'e testable -> ('a, 'e) Stdlib.result testable

result t e tests ts on success and es on failure.

val pair : 'a testable -> 'b testable -> ('a * 'b) testable

pair a b tests pairs of as and bs.

val triple : 'a testable -> 'b testable -> 'c testable -> ('a * 'b * 'c) testable

triple a b c tests triples of as, bs and cs.

val of_pp : 'a Fmt.t -> 'a testable

of_pp pp tests values which can be printed using pp and compared using

val pass : 'a testable

pass tests values of any type and always succeeds.

val reject : 'a testable

reject tests values of any type and always fails.

val neg : 'a testable -> 'a testable

neg t is t's negation: it is true when t is false and it is false when t is true.

Assertion functions

Functions for asserting various properties within unit-tests. A failing assertion will cause the testcase to fail immediately.

module Source_code_position : sig ... end
type 'a extra_info = ? -> ?pos:Source_code_position.pos -> 'a

The assertion functions optionally take information about the location at which they are called in the source code. This is used for giving more descriptive error messages in the case of failure.

val check : ('a testable -> string -> 'a -> 'a -> unit) extra_info

Check that two values are equal.

If check isn't in a tail-call position, Alcotest may guess the location of the check. Otherwise, use extra_info to report the location.

val check' : ('a testable -> msg:string -> expected:'a -> actual:'a -> unit) extra_info

Check that two values are equal (labeled variant of check).

val fail : (string -> 'a) extra_info

Simply fail.

val failf : (('a, Stdlib.Format.formatter, unit, 'b) Stdlib.format4 -> 'a) extra_info

Simply fail with a formatted message.

val check_raises : (string -> exn -> (unit -> unit) -> unit) extra_info

Check that an exception is raised.

val skip : unit -> 'a

Skip the current test case.


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