package asn1-combinators

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Embed typed ASN.1 grammars in OCaml


Dune Dependency





v0.2.6 (2021-08-04)

  • Use Cstruct.length instead of Cstruct.len, drop OCaml <4.08 support, remove bigarray-compat and stdlib-shims dependencies (#37 by @hannesm)

v0.2.5 (2021-03-05)

  • Fix an integer overflow in the length field on 32 bit architectures (#36 by @hannesm)

v0.2.4 (2020-11-05)

  • OCaml 4.12 support (#35 by @kit-ty-kate, @hannesm)

v0.2.3 (2020-09-28)

  • adapt to cstruct 6.0.0 API changes (#34 by @dinosaure)

v0.2.2 (2020-01-29)

  • packaging improvements: add lower bound to dune dependency, improve test invocation, remove version from dune-project (reported by @kit-ty-kate in ocaml/opam-repository#15757 fixed by @hannesm)

v0.2.1 (2020-01-28)

  • disallow various constructs as suggested by ITU-T Rec X.690 (by @pqwy)

    • redundant OID component forms (X.690 8.20.2)

    • redundant integer forms (X.690 8.3.2)

    • empty integer (X.690 8.3.1, reported in #23 by @emillon)

    • constructed strings in DER

  • deeper implict -> explicit over choice (follow-up to v0.2.0 entry, by @pqwy)

  • handle long-form length overflow (reported in #24 by @emillon, fixed by @pqwy)

  • disallow primitive with indefinite length (introduced in the bugfix above, reported by @emillon, fixed in #32 by @hannesm)

  • disallow nonsensical bitstring unused values (X690 8.6.2, reported in #26 by @NathanReb, fixed by @pqwy)

  • fix non-continuous bit_string_flags (X680 22.6, reported in #25 by @wiml, fixed by @pqwy)

  • use Alcotest instead of oUnit for unit tests (by @pqwy)

  • use dune as build system (by @pqwy, superseeds #22)

  • use bigarray-compat (#27 by @TheLortex) and stdlib-shims (#29 by @XVilka)

  • raise lower bound to OCaml 4.05.0 (#31 by @hannesm)

v0.2.0 (2017-11-13)

  • OIDs are now fully abstract, with a simpler interface.

  • OIDs have custom comparison and hasing.

  • Time is gone in favor of Ptime.

  • IMPLICIT silently becomes EXPLICIT when necessary.

  • Parse errors are reported through Result.

  • Syntaxes now live in their own module, Asn.S.

  • Rewrote the parser; no new features, but looks nicer from a distance.

  • Various performance improvements.

  • Documented the interface.

v0.1.3 (2016-11-12)

  • relicense to ISC

  • drop oasis

  • fix a bug in tests on 32 bit

v0.1.2 (2015-05-02)

  • cstruct-1.6.0 compatibility

v0.1.1 (2014-10-30)

  • stricter decoding of ints in BER/DER tags and OIDs

  • performance improvements

v0.1.0 (2014-07-08):

  • initial (beta) release


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