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Monadic concurrency library


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Release v0.16.0

  • Update Async_command.with_options:

    • Add optional behave_nicely_in_pipeline parameter

    • If true, calls Writer.behave_nicely_in_pipeline() when the command starts

    • Default value is true

  • Update Async_quickcheck.async_test function:

    • Add optional sizes parameter to specify a sequence of sizes for generated test data

    • Add optional shrinker parameter to provide a custom shrinker for the test data

    • Add optional shrink_attempts parameter to control the number of attempts at shrinking test data

  • Changes in Async_rpc.Rpc:

  • Change handshake_timeout parameter type from Time.Span.t to Time_float.Span.t.

  • Remove on_handshake_error type from Rpc.Connection to simplify the interface

  • Changes in Async_rpc.Rpc_transport:

    • Add writer_buffer_size parameter to Rpc_transport.of_fd

  • Add new function to Rpc_transport_low_latency.Reader.With_internal_reader:

    • read_one_message_bin_prot_without_buffering

      • Similar to Rpc_kernel.Transport.Reader.read_one_message_bin_prot

      • Reads only the necessary bytes for a single bin prot message from the underlying file descriptor

  • Changes in Lock_file_async.Flock:

    • Flock.lock_exn and Flock.lock now have optional exclusive and close_on_exec parameters

      • exclusive controls exclusive access to the lock

      • close_on_exec specifies whether to close the lock when executing a new program

  • Update functions in Flock module in Lock_file_async:

    • Added an optional exclusive parameter, enabling shared locks when set to false (previously exclusive locks only)

    • Add optional close_on_exec parameter to control if the lock is closed on exec

  • Changes in Persistent_connection:

    • retry_delay and handshake_timeout changed from Time.Span.t to Time_float.Span.t

  • Changes in Unpack_sequence:

    • Added a new function: Unpack_sequence.unpack_iter_with_pushback

      • Similar to unpack_iter, but waits for pushback after unpacking every chunk

Old pre-v0.15 changelogs (very likely stale and incomplete)

git version

  • Added a new (single-module) library async.log_extended, extending Async.Log with Console and Syslog submodules.

  • Improved Async scheduler fairness by calling Thread.yield every cycle, which releases the OCaml lock if any other OCaml threads are waiting to acquire it.

  • Added a new (single-module) library async.unpack_sequence, for efficiently unpacking a sequence of packed values coming from a string Pipe.Reader.t or a Reader.t.

  • Increased Unix.listen's default backlog from 10 to 64, to reduce occurrences of TCP clients getting Unexpected EOF errors when the listening server is busy.

  • Added an optional argument to Pipe functions fold and iter so they can consider a value flushed when it is processed by the supplied ~f rather than when it is read out of the pipe.

  • Weak_hashtbl was moved into its own library Weak_hashtbl_async, which is released as part of the async package.

  • Added function Tcp.Server.close_finished_and_handlers_determined.


  • Moved Persistent_connection to Async_kernel, so that it can be used in javascript.

  • Improved Log.Output to write, flush, rotate, or close all Log.Output.ts, even if one raises

  • Added Async.print_s for pretty printing a sexp to stdout.

  • Removed a per-cycle allocation from the scheduler.

  • Fixed Reader.load_bin_prot to always return Error when there is an error, rather than return Error in some situations and raise in others.

  • Improved the behavior of shutdown when there are errors.

  • Added Scheduler.may_sleep_for_thread_fairness, an opt-in configuration that improves thread fairness.

  • Added to Sys.file_exists function a follow_symlinks optional argument.

  • Fixed the Async scheduler so that for top-level unhandled exceptions, it runs at_exit functions once, not twice.

  • For Writer.open_file, exposed the syscall optional argument.

  • Exposed Async.ifprintf, which had previously been mistakenly shadowed even though it doesn't block.

  • Unified Synchronous_time_source.t and Time_source.t, into a single data structure, allowing one to convert between them as needed. This involved substantive changes to Async's clock.

  • Added function Time_source.timing_wheel_now.

  • Added stable types for Log.Level and Log.Output.format.

  • Improved shutdown function so that when shutdown is forced (i.e. at_shutdown handlers time out), it calls Pervasives.exit, which runs at_exit handlers. This improves Command.async in this situation, due to its use of an at_exit handler to print errors.

  • Improved's error message when working_dir is missing.

  • Fixed Rpc.Connection.create so that it doesn't raise on a failed handshake.

  • Significantly improved the performance of Log.printf when the log message won't be printed, by using ifprintf to avoid constructing the message.

  • Added Socket.Address functions Inet.to_sockaddr and Unix.to_sockaddr, the type specialized versions of Socket.Address.to_sockaddr.

  • Added Socket.bind_inet, which is like bind, but restricted to Inet addresses and does not return a Deferred.t. Changed Udp.bind and bind_any to not return a Deferred.t.

  • Added to File_tail.create an optional ?throttle argument so that one can use a custom throttle and max_concurrent_jobs rather than a global throttle with a fixed max_concurrent_jobs.

  • Renamed Tcp and Rpc's via_local_interface and via_local_port arguments as bind_to_address and bind_to_port.

  • Made Tcp.Server.create and create_sock's ~on_handler_error argument mandatory.

  • In Tcp.Server, stopped calling on_handler_error for Writer error from inner_monitor, which only indicated that the client likely closed the connection before all the bytes could be written.

  • Renamed Command.async as async_spec and Command.async' as async. We want to encourage the use of Command.Param and discourage the use of Command.Spec.

  • Changed Async so that in tests it uses synchronous output.

  • Changed Async's default max number of open file descriptors from 8_192 to the minimum of 32_768 and ulimit -n -H.

  • In the Async scheduler's main loop, avoided calling and Linux_ext.Timerfd.set_after unless they are needed. This saves about 50ns per cycle.

  • Moved Tcp functions for specifying where to connect and where to listen into submodules: Where_to_connect and Where_to_listen

  • Changed Tcp.to_host_and_port from taking a string and int to Tcp.Where_to_connect.of_host_and_port, taking a Host_and_port.t

  • Changed Rpc.Connection.client to take a Tcp.Where_to_connect.t instead of ~host ~port.

  • Changed Synchronous_time_source.Event.abort to return a variant type, in the same style as Time_source.Event.abort. Added abort_exn and abort_if_possible, also in the same style as Time_source.Event.

  • Added function Scheduler.long_cycles, which returns the stream of cycles whose duration exceeds a user-supplied time span. This is more efficient than cycle_times, because it only allocates a stream element when there is a long cycle, rather than on every cycle.

  • Made internal libraries stdless: Async_unix, Async_extra.

  • Changed Udp.recvfrom_loop and read_loop functions to return a variant Closed | Stopped rather than unit.

  • Extended the Unix.Inet_addr module's interface to include Core.Unix.Inet_addr's interface.



  • Added some expect tests of Monitor, in particular Monitor.handle_errors.

  • Added a benchmark of Monitor.try_with.


Keep up to date with interface changes in Async_kernel, Async_extra and Async_unix.


Keep up to date with interface changes in Async_kernel, Async_extra and Async_unix.


  • Added Async.Std.Printf module so that one doesn't unintentionally use blocking Core.Std.Printf functions in an Async program.

    There was much pre-existing code that did this via:

    : open Core.Std
    open Async.Std

    Async.Std.Printf defines blocking functions (e.g printf, eprintf) to cause a type error, but leaves Async-friendly functions (e.g. sprintf, ksprintf) untouched.

    Replaced uses of Printf.*, with Core.Std.Printf.* where needed.


  • Include some previously-omitted benchmarks


Keep up to date with interface changes in Async_kernel, Async_extra and Async_unix.


Added tests and updated examples


  • update tests


  • add a dns example


  • Updated the example


  • Bump version number


  • Added function Monitor.kill, which kills a monitor and all its descendants.

    This prevents any jobs from ever running in the monitor again.


  • Switched Async.Std's toplevel bindings for Deferred.Or_error's bind and map to use Deferred.Result. This allows them to be used with any 'error type, rather than just Error.t.


  • Added val _squelch_unused_module_warning_ to Async.Std.