package build_path_prefix_map

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An OCaml implementation of the BUILD_PATH_PREFIX_MAP specification


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Published: 31 Oct 2022


This small library is an OCaml implementation of Ximin Luo's specification of the BUILD_PATH_PREFIX_MAP format, used to specify path rewrites for reproducible builds:

BUILD_PATH_PREFIX_MAP is a Unix environment variable that users can set to influence compilers and other build tools (that respect the proposed specification) in how they record absolute paths to the build directory, in order to enable reproducible build results from different build directories.

For context, see the whole Reproducible Builds project at

This library implements encoding ({!encode_map}) and decoding ({!decode_map}) of the BUILD_PATH_PREFIX_MAP variable (from a string, encoded according to the specification, to a prefix map, that is an ordered list of (target, source) pairs of build path prefixes. It also provides a rewriting function, {!rewrite}, to transform an absolute path according to a prefix map.

Below is a simple decoding example:

(* /home/gasche -> home,
   /home/gasche/.opam -> opam *)
let encoded_map = "home=/home/gasche:opam=/home/gasche/.opam"

(* decoding example *)
let () = match Build_path_prefix_map.decode_map encoded_map with
  | Error err -> failwith ("invalid map " ^ encoded_map)
  | Ok map ->
    let transform path = Build_path_prefix_map.rewrite map path in
    assert (transform "/home/gasche/Prog/" = "home/Prog/");
    assert (transform "/home/gasche/.opam/4.06.0/" = "opam/4.06.0/");

(* encoding example *)
let decoded_map =
  (* Be careful, the specification explicitly indicates that (source,
     target) pairs are tried from right to left (from the end of the
     list to the beginning), with the first one stopping the
     search. So the order matter: putting the 'opam' pair before the
     'home' pair would make it useless, as all rewrites would stop on
     'home' first. *)
    Some {source = "/home/gasche"; target = "home"};
    Some {source = "/home/gasche/.opam"; target = "opam"};
let () = assert (Build_path_prefix_map.encode_map decoded_map = encoded_map)

Dependencies (2)

  1. dune >= "1.11"
  2. ocaml >= "4.04"

Dev Dependencies (1)

  1. crowbar with-test

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