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Library for handling dates and times in your program


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Preliminary notes:
Mark "o": new feature
Mark "*": bug fixed.
Mark "!": change that can break compatibility with older version of the library

version 3.0.0, 2022-10-11:
* Fix Date.week_first_last according to ISO 8601 (@balat)
* Remove incorrect time zone bound check (@vouillon)
! Switch from Str to Re (@vouillon)
! Remove date function from the version API (@c-cube)
o Add some uility function for comparing dates (@loxs)
* Switch the build-system to dune (@c-cube)

version 2.04, 2014-10-29:
* [Makefile] Fix minor issues with ocamlfind and 'make install' (from 
  Christopher Zimmermann).
o [Printer] In function from_fstring of sub-module Ftime, Fcalendar, and
  Precise_Fcalendar, the number of seconds corresponding to %S may be a floating
  point number (from Christophe Troestler' suggestion).

version 2.03.2, 2012-06-26:
o [Compilation] Compatibility with OCaml 4

version 2.03.1, 2011-03-24:
* [Calendar] Fixed bug in Calendar.prev and Fcalendar.prev: mostly raised
  exception Date.Out_of_bounds before.
* [Printer] `Thurday' was printed instead of `Thursday'

version 2.03, 2010-07-05:
o [Date] new function Date.precise_sub
o [Calendar] new function Calendar.precise_sub
  (from Dario Teixeira's suggestion)
* [Compilation] detect whether native dynlink works
  (prevents compilation bug on Mac OS X)

version 2.02, 2009-12-11:
o [License] add the usual Ocaml linking exception in the license
o [Calendar] Calendar_sig.Period.to_time is deprecated.
  Replaced by a new function Calendar_sig.Period.safe_to_time
o [Date] Date.Period.nb_days is deprecated.
  Replaced by a new function Date.Period.safe_nb_days
o [Compilation] calendarLib.cmxs provided if ocaml >= 3.11 is installed
  (patch of Mehdi Dogguy)
o [Date] new functions Date.make_year and Date.make_year_month
o [Date] improve memory representation of Date.Period.t
* [Compilation] remove installation of packed *.cmi
* [Compilation] bug fixed under Cygwin
* [Compilation] META files was incorrect, so "ocamlfind ocamlopt" did not work
* [Compilation] file date_sig.mli, time_sig.mli and calendar_sig.mli was not
  properly linked

version 2.01.1, 2009-02-23:
o [Date] add a missing coercion rule for months
  (e.g. "Date.make 2008 18 1" is now equal to "Date.make 2009 6 1")
* [Date] bug fixed in date arithmetic operations due to the missing above

version 2.01, 2009-01-26:
o [Printer] new formats available for printers and parsers
    - %C  century: as %Y without the two last digits
    - %F  replace %i which is now deprecated
    - %P  am or pm
    - %R  shortcut for %H:%M
    - %s  number of seconds since 1970/1/1
    - %z  time zone in the form +hhmm (from Warren Harris' suggestion)
    - %:z  time zone in the form +hh:mm (from Warren Harris' suggestion)
    - %::z  time zone in the form +hh:mm:ss (from Warren Harris' suggestion)
    - %:::z  time zone in the form +hh (from Warren Harris' suggestion)
o [Printer] new paddings available for printers
    - 0 (zero): pad fields with zeroes like by default
    - ^: use uppercase if possible
o [Compilation] calendarLib.cma and calendarLib.cmxa are now installed
  (Janne Hellsten and Guillaume Yziquel's suggestion)
* [Tests] test suite now uses Utils.Float.equal if required
  (patch of Richard Jones)
* [Compilation] small bug fixed in make install
* [Compilation] support of win64 (patch of David Allsopp)

version 2.0.4, 2008-07-07:
o [Printer] support of "%w" and "%V" in parsers of date from string
* [Printer] bug fixed with "%j"

version 2.0.3, 2008-05-22:
* [Compilation] module Period was not properly linked

version 2.0.2, 2008-03-17:
* [Compilation] Windows build problems fixed (patch of David Allsopp)

version 2.0.1, 2008-02-22:
* [Printer] bug fixed in printers which displayed "Mars" (instead of "March")
* [Printer] bug fixed in printers when %p cannot be parsed
  (error message was bad) (patch of Yaron Minski)
* [Compilation] bug fixed in "make install" (patch of Sean Seefried)

version 2.0, 2008-02-08:
o! [License] license changes from LGPLv2 to LGPLv2.1
   (from a suggestion of Hezekiah M. Carty)
o! [Compilation] use -pack: all modules of the library are packed inside a
  single module CalendarLib (calendar now requires ocaml >= 3.09.1)
o new modules Time_sig, Date_sig and Calendar_sig
o new module Ftime (time implementation in which seconds are floats)
  (Hezekiah M. Carty's suggestion)
o new module Calendar_builder (generic calendar implementation)
o new module Fcalendar (calendar implementation using Ftime)
o new module Calendar.Precise (calendar with a best precision)
o hash functions are provided
o [Printer] new modules Printer.Ftime and Printer.Fcalendar
o [Printer] modules Printer.Date, Printer.Time and Printer.Calendar
  respectively replace Printer.DatePrinter, Printer.TimePrinter and
  Printer.CalendarPrinter. These last modules still exist but are deprecated.
o [Time_Zone] new function Time_Zone.on
o [Date] new function Date.from_day_of_year (Hezekiah M. Carty's suggestion)
o [Date] new function Date.is_valid_date (Richard Jones' suggestion)
o new module Utils
o new module Version (information about version of calendar)
o [Documentation] add tags @example, @raise and @see in the API documentation

version 1.10, 2007-05-14:
o [Printer] "from_fstring" in printers recognizes more formats.
  (Sean Seefried's suggestion)
o [Printer] add Printer.set_word_regexp

version 1.09.6, 2006-07-07:
* [Date] bug fixed in Date.to_business
  (on some dates in the last days of january)

version 1.09.5, 2006-05-26:
* [Date] bug fixed in Date.nth_weekday_of_month

version 1.09.4, 2006-02-13:
o [Time_Zone] add Time_Zone.is_dst and Time_Zone.hour_of_dst
  (Daniel Peng's suggestion)
* [Printer] bug fixed in printers with %I, %l, %p and %r
  (patch of Jerry Charumilind)
* [Time_Zone] bug fixed when checking bounds in Time_Zone (patch of Daniel Peng)

version 1.09.3, 2005-01-17:
* [Date] bug fixed in Date.to_business

version 1.09.2, 2004-12-15:
* [Date] bug fixed in Date.from_unixfloat and Date.from_unixtm with
  time zones <> UTC

version 1.09.1, 2004-11-17:
o [Documentation] add tag @since in the API documentation
* [Calendar] bug fixed in with time zones <> UTC
* [Compilation] META file is now writable

version 1.09.0, 2004-11-13:
o [Date] add Date.to_business and Date.from_business (Richard Jone's suggestion)
o [Date] add the optional parameter ?month to Date.days_in_year
  (Richard Jones' suggestion)
o [Date] add Date.nth_weekday_of_month (Richard Jones' suggestion)
o [Date] Date: add some Christian dates (Richard Jones' suggestion)
o [Date] add Date.Period.ymd and Calendar.Period.ymds
o [Printer] add the format string %i corresponding to the ISO-8601 notation
o add "equal" in all the modules
*! [Printer] ISO-8601 notation is now the default format
* [Calendar.Period] bug fixed with negative period
* [Calendar] bug fixed in and
* [Date] bug fixed in Date.weeks_in_year

version 1.08, 2004-05-18:
o [Date] add "week_first_last" computing the first and last days of a week in a

version 1.07, 2004-03-22:
o [Documentation] documentation of the API with ocamldoc
* [Compilation] compile even if no ocaml native compiler is available
  (from a patch of Stefano Zacchiroli)

version 1.06, 2003-12-05:
o [Compilation] improved "make install"
* [Compilation] compile with an optimized compiler (ocamlopt.opt or ocamlc.opt)
  if possible

version 1.05, 2003-09-18:
o add module Printer (from a suggestion of Stefano Zacchiroli)
o! remove to_string and from_string from Date, Time and Calendar
  (replaced by functions of Printer)
o Str library is no longer necessary
o add labelled version of make in Date, Time and Calendar

version 1.04, 2003-08-31:
o [Period] add getters in Time.Period, Date.Period and Calendar.Period
  (from a suggestion of Christoph Bauer)

version 1.03, 2003-08-25:
o [Calendar] add "to_time" in Calendar (Julien Forest's suggestion)

version 1.02, 2003-08-18:
* [Compilation] bug fixed in (calendar now works with
  caml version > 3.06)

version 1.01, 2003-07-16:
o add to_unixtm, from_unixtm, to_unixfloat and from_unixfloat in
  Date and Calendar
*! change "minut" by "minute"
*! change "egal" by "equal"
*! change "GMT" by "UTC"

(Thank's to Eric C. Cooper for those suggestions)

version 1.0, 2003-07-11:
o first release

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