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Library caqti

This library exposes the following toplevel modules:

Library caqti.blocking

This library implements the blocking (non-)concurrency using the unix library. Real concurrency support is provided by separate packages.

The entry point of this library is the module: Caqti_blocking.

Library caqti.plugin

This library registers a dynamic linker based on the dune-site.plugin library, which allows Caqti to automatically load driver libraries inferred from the URI when connecting to a new kind of database for the first time. It has entry point; linking aganist it provides all of its functionality.

This library is an experimental drop-in replacement for the caqti-dynload package.

Platform Libraries for Internal Use

The platform libraries are only meant for use in implementing drivers and concurrency support. These APIs are unstable, i.e. they can change between minor versions and without prior deprecation notices.

Library caqti.platform

The entry point of this library is the module: Caqti_platform.

Library caqti.platform.unix

The entry point of this library is the module: Caqti_platform_unix.


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