package catala

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module Ast : sig ... end

Abstract syntax tree built by the Catala parser

module Desugaring : sig ... end

Translation from Surface.Ast to Desugaring.Ast.

module Fill_positions : sig ... end

Fills the position tags in the AST with info about the legislative article this position belongs to.

module Lexer : sig ... end

Concise syntax with English abbreviated keywords.

module Lexer_common : sig ... end
module Lexer_en : sig ... end
module Lexer_fr : sig ... end
module Name_resolution : sig ... end

Builds a context that allows for mapping each name to a precise uid, taking lexical scopes into account

module Parse_utils : sig ... end

Helpers for parsing

module Parser : sig ... end
module Parser_driver : sig ... end

Wrapping module around parser and lexer that offers the parse_source_file API

module Parser_errors : sig ... end

Interface of the module auto-generated based on "parser.messages".

module Print : sig ... end

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