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Adler-32, CRC32 and CRC32-C implementation in C and OCaml


Dune Dependency





v0.3.2 2021-02-08 Arles (France)

  • freenstanding support does not need opam (@sternenseemann, @dinosaure, #53)

  • Fix big-endian support (@dinosaure, #56)

  • Use which when command -v is not available (@dinosaure, @sternenseemann, @mseri, #56)

  • Fix esy support and on its environment the MirageOS 3 support (@dinosaure, @mseri, #56)

  • Upgrade to ocamlformat.0.19.0 (@dinosaure, #57)

v0.3.1 2021-23-02 Paris (France)

  • Upgrade checkseum to optint.0.0.5 (@dinosaure, #51)

v0.3.0 2020-11-03 Paris (France)

  • Upgrade C artifacts with MirageOS 3.9 (#50, @dinosaure, @hannesm)

  • Fix esy installation (#49, @dinosaure, @jordwalke, reported by @Faliszek)

v0.2.1 2020-06-15 Paris (France)

  • Move to dune.2.6.0 (#47)

v0.2.0 2020-06-03 Paris (France)

  • fix cross-compilation with dune -x windows (#45, @dinosaure, @pirbo)

  • add CRC-24 (#43, @dinosaure, @cfcs)

  • factorize C stubs (as digestif)

  • avoid clash of names when we use checkseum.c Any functions are prefixed by checkseum_

  • fix META file (#39 & #41, @hannesm, @dinosaure) A test was added to see if runes (static C libraries) are available for MirageOS targets (freestanding & xen)

  • provide a binary checkseum to digest standard input or file checkseum.checkseum is available to compute check-sum of standard input or file. The tool is used only for debugging.

  • clean distribution (#38, @dinosaure) checkseum depends only on bigarray-compat, base-bytes & optint

  • limits.h is available on any targets (#37, @dinosaure, @pirbo)

v0.1.1 2019-09-12 Paris (France)

  • Compatibility with mirage+dune (#29, @dinosaure)

  • Use bigarray-compat (#29, @TheLortex)

  • Add constraints with < mirage-runtime.4.0.0

    checkseum (as some others packages) must be used with MirageOS 4 where checkseum.0.9.0 is a compatibility package with Mirage)S 3

  • Replace STDC macro check by STDDEF_H_ to be able to compile (#34, @dinosaure) checkseum with +32bit compiler variant (#34, @dinosaure)

  • Use a much more simpler implementation of CRC32C to be compatible with large set of targets (#34, @dinosaure)

  • Avoid fancy operators in OCaml implementation of CRC32 and CRC32C (#34, @dinosaure)

  • Require optint.0.0.3 at least (#34, @dinosaure)

v0.1.0 2019-05-16 Paris (France)

  • Use experimental feature of variants with dune (#25, @dinosaure, review @rgrinberg) checkseum requires at least dune.1.9.2

  • Add conflict with < mirage-xen-posix.3.1.0 packages (#21, @hannesm)

  • Provide unsafe_* functions (@dinosaure)

  • Re-organize C implementation as digestif (@dinosaure)

  • Remove #include <stdio.h> in C implementation (@dinosaure)

  • Avoid partial application of functions, optimization (#19, @dinosaure)

  • Add ocamlformat support (@dinosaure)

  • cross-compilation adjustement about MirageOS backends (#18, @hannesm)

v0.0.3 2018-10-15 Paris (France)

  • Dunify project

  • Add CRC32 implementation

  • Fixed META file (@g2p)

  • Update OPAM file

v0.0.2 2018-08-23 Paris (France)

  • Fix windows support (@nojb)

v0.0.1 2018-07-06 Paris (France)

  • First release of checkseum


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