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conf-fswatch 11-0.1.3

Error log

The package failed to build. The error log from opam follows.

You are using opam 2.1+, where external dependency handling has been integrated: consider calling opam directly, the 'depext' plugin interface is provided for backwards compatibility only
# Detecting depexts using vars: arch=x86_64, os=linux, os-distribution=debian, os-family=debian
[ERROR] No solution for fswatch.11-0.1.3 & dune.3.15.3 & conf-fswatch.11-0.1.3:   * Missing dependency:
            - conf-fswatch
            depends on the unavailable system package 'libfswatch-dev'. Use `--no-depexts' to attempt installation anyway, or it is possible that a depext package name in the opam file is incorrect.

Command failed: opam --cli=2.1 list --readonly --external '--resolve=fswatch.11-0.1.3,dune.3.15.3,conf-fswatch.11-0.1.3' returned 20

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