package containers

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Generate efficient bitfields that fit in an integer

type t
val make : ?emit_failure_if_too_wide:bool -> name:string -> unit -> t

Make a new bitfield with the given name.

  • parameter name

    the name of the generated type

  • parameter emit_failure_if_too_wide

    if true, generated code includes a runtime assertion that Sys.int_size is wide enough to support this type

val field_bit : t -> string -> unit

field_bit ty name adds a field of size 1 to the bitfield ty, with name name. The generate code will provide get/set for a boolean.

val field_int : t -> width:int -> string -> unit

field_int ty name ~width adds a field of size width to the bitfield with name name. The accessors will be for integers of width bits, and the setter might assert that the provided integer fits.

val total_width : t -> int

Total width in bits of the given bitfield.

val gen_mli : t -> code

Generate code for the type signature for the given bitfield

val gen_ml : t -> code

Generate code for the implementation for the given bitfield


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