package core_profiler

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Open this Std for offline use of probes.

include module type of struct include Offline end

In Offline, a Delta_probe differs from a two point Group in that for each start/stop pair, only one message is written to the buffer. This means that only the delta in the probe is available, as opposed to deltas in both probe and time.

module Profiler = Offline.Profiler
module Timer = Offline.Timer

A Timer contains only a time stamp and no extra information; however, it is useful because (in Offline) the current time is recorded when measurements are made.

module Probe = Offline.Probe

A Probe records some integer value that is passed to at along with a timestamp.

module Delta_probe = Offline.Delta_probe

Delta_probe is an optimized two-probe group to track changes to some counter.

module Delta_timer = Offline.Delta_timer

Delta_timer is an optimized two-probe group to track time differences between calls to start and stop.


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