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Pipeline language for keeping things up-to-date


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OCurrent provides an OCaml eDSL for writing CI/CD pipelines.

It is used in ocaml-ci (which provides CI for OCaml projects on GitHub), and in docker-base-images (a pipeline that builds Docker images for various Linux distributions, OCaml compiler versions and CPU types, and pushes them to Docker Hub).

A pipeline is written much like you would write a one-shot sequential script, but OCurrent will automatically re-run steps when the inputs change, and will run steps in parallel where possible.

Published: 01 Mar 2023



OCurrent allows you to specify a workflow / pipeline for keeping things up-to-date.

For example, the pipeline shown above fetches the head of a GitHub repository's master branch, builds it, runs the tests, and deploys the binary if the tests pass. When a new commit is pushed, it runs the pipeline again.

Another use might be to keep the GitHub build status of each PR in your Git repository showing the result of fetching, building and testing the PR's head commit. If the head commit changes, the result must be recalculated.

An OCurrent pipeline is written using an OCaml eDSL. When OCurrent evaluates it, it records the inputs used (e.g. the current set of open PRs and the head of each one), monitors them, and automatically recalculates when an input changes.

Larger uses of OCurrent include the OCaml Docker base image builder and ocaml-ci, which is the CI that tests this repository itself.


The OCurrent docs contains user documentation and examples. In particular, you might like to start by reading about the example pipelines or how to write your own plugins.

For technical docs, see the API Documentation.


OCurrent is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE for the full license text.

Dependencies (18)

  1. sqlite3
  2. result >= "1.5"
  3. re >= "1.9.0"
  4. prometheus
  5. ppx_deriving
  6. lwt-dllist
  7. lwt >= "5.6.1"
  8. logs >= "0.7.0"
  9. fpath >= "0.7.3"
  10. fmt >= "0.8.9"
  11. duration
  12. current_incr >= "0.6.1"
  13. conf-libev os != "win32"
  14. cmdliner >= "1.1.0"
  15. bos
  16. astring >= "0.8.5"
  17. ocaml >= "4.08.0"
  18. dune >= "3.3"

Dev Dependencies (4)

  1. odoc with-doc
  2. prometheus-app with-test & >= "1.2"
  3. alcotest-lwt with-test & >= "1.2.0"
  4. alcotest with-test & >= "1.2.0"




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