package current_github

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Integration with GitHub.

val webhook : engine:Current.Engine.t -> get_job_ids:(owner:string -> name:string -> hash:string -> string list) -> webhook_secret:string -> Current_web.Resource.t

GitHub webhook endpoint. This MUST be added to Current_web.routes so that we get notified of events. This webhook handles the events:

  • installation_repositories
  • installation
  • pull_request
  • push
  • create
  • check_run
  • check_suite

Webhook payloads are validated against webhook_secret.


Note that the endpoint is supplied with a callback `get_job_ids.` This is used to determine what job_ids correspond to a commit. The checks API specifies the repository and the commit (that the action is being requested against) - this callback is used to determine what jobs to apply the action to.

Permissions are managed by the checks API so that re-runs can only be requested by anyone with write permission to a repository.

module Repo_id : sig ... end

Identifier for a repository hosted on GitHub.

module Api : sig ... end

Access to the GitHub API.

module Installation : sig ... end

Installation of a GitHub application.

module App : sig ... end

A GitHub Application.

module Auth : sig ... end

Use GitHub to authenticate users.


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