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Slack plugin for OCurrent


Dune Dependency






The main new feature is that OCurrent now evaluates pipelines incrementally. This means that services with large pipelines (such as ocaml-ci, with around 10,000 stages) can decide what they need to do without using an excessive amount of CPU time.

  • Replace changed promises with Engine.update (@talex5, #135)

  • Evaluate pipelines incrementally (@talex5, #144)

  • Avoid unnecessary re-evaluations in Current.list_map (@talex5, #148)

  • Change the representation of terms to support incremental evaluation (@talex5, #150)


  • Added Internals wiki page explaining how OCurrent works.

  • Update to link the API Docs (@shonfeder, #145)

  • Fix typo in README ("about" -> "above") (@smolck, #100)

Docker plugin:

  • Add support for run-arguments in docker plugin (@MagnusS, #96)

  • Add ?build_args parameter to Current_docker build (@SquidDev, #102)

  • Allow alternative Dockerfile filenames in (@talex5, #111)

  • Add Docker.pread to get container stdout as a string (@kit-ty-kate, #120)

  • Make it easier to add custom Docker commands (@talex5, #130)

Git plugin:

  • Git.fetch: don't take repository lock until the job starts (@talex5, #116)

GitHub plugin:

  • Add Github.Api.head_of to track individual branches (@talex5, #114)

  • Expose the low-level refs function to get access to branch names and PR numbers (@talex5, #123)

  • Add Commit.uri to make links back to GitHub (@talex5, #131)

  • Better error if setting a GitHub commit status fails (@talex5, #151)

  • Only refresh the repository that generated the webhook event, not all of them (@talex5, #156)

Web UI:

  • Use routes library to simplify routing (@talex5, #160)

  • Add "/jobs" page with information about active jobs (@talex5, #125)

  • Mark HTML pages as UTF-8 (@talex5, #128)


  • Update to new Alcotest API (@talex5, #121)

  • Use mirage-crypto instead of nocrypto (@hannesm, #161)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix analysis with hidden catch/state nodes (@talex5, #134)

  • Allow cancelling a job while waiting for confirmation (@talex5 #137)

  • Fix merging of error states for pairs (@talex5, #147)


  • Report Prometheus metrics for pipeline stage states (@talex5, #115)

  • Report metric for cache evaluations (@talex5, #143)

Build improvements:

  • Make dune transitive dependencies explicit (@CraigFe, #97)

  • Add OCaml-CI status badge to the README (@CraigFe, #107)


  • Explicitly enumerate accepted --confirm values (@CraigFe, #108)

  • Rename Input to Primitive and simplify the API (@talex5, #154)

  • Call Lwt_main.yield while testing log patterns (@talex5, #155)

  • Add Current.collapse to allow collapsing parts of diagrams (@talex5, #152)

  • Add Current.with_context to help with diagram layout (@talex5, #159)


Initial release.


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