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Module type
Class type

Let's imitate jst's layout.

module Foo : sig ... end
module A' = Foo.A
type tata = Foo.A.t
type tbtb = Foo.B.t
type tete
type tata' = A'.t
type tete2 = Foo.E.t
module Std : sig ... end
type stde = Std.E.t

include of Foo

Just for giggle, let's see what happens when we include Foo.

include module type of Foo
module A = Foo.A
module B = Foo.B
module C = Foo.C
module D = Foo.D
module E : sig ... end
type testa = A.t

And also, let's refer to A.t and

module P1 : sig ... end
module P2 : sig ... end
module X1 = P2.Z
module X2 = P2.Z
type p1 = X1.t
type p2 = X2.t