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Parser of email address according RFC822


Dune Dependency





v1.1 2020-11-19 Paris (France)

  • Add some tests to check the behavior of the pretty-printer (@dinosaure, #14)

  • Fix the implementation of the quoted-string (@dinosaure, #14)

  • Fix internal list pretty-printer (discovered by @hannes, @dinosaure, #14)

v1.0 2020-09-18 Paris (France)

  • Add to_string functions to emit email addresses

  • Better error message (breaking-change)

v0.9 2020-05-05 Paris (France)

  • Update to angstrom.0.14.0

v0.8 2020-03-14 Paris (France)

  • dune is no longer a build dependency

  • fix pretty-printers

  • fix comparison functions

  • add tests about comparison functions

  • delete useless internal functions

  • clean the distribution (and delete fmt dependency)

v0.7 2020-01-23 Paris (France)

  • Fix support of UTF-8 (@dinosaure)

  • Remove support of mrmime mrmime will finally use emile as the parser of email address.

  • Externalize some parsers:

    • address_list

    • mailbox_list

    • group

    • address

  • Handle general-address (domain part) according RFC 5321 and split tests about the correctness of IPv6 values

v0.6 2019-12-10 Paris (France)

  • Decomplexify parser and avoid FWS token

  • Rewrite compare and equal functions

  • Internal clean of parsers

v0.5 2019-07-24 Мостар (Боснa и Херцеговина)

  • Add helpers about mrmime (@dinosaure)

  • Add CI about optional sub-package emile.mrmime

  • Update OPAM file (@dinosaure)

v0.4 2019-07-02 Paris (France)

  • breaking-change Emile does not handle FWS anymore and consider it as basic whitespaces

  • Update documentation

  • Use pecu to decode quoted-printable encoded-word

  • Use last major version of base64 to decode base64 encoded-word

  • Provide emile.cmdliner to be able to parse an email as an option of a binary

v0.3 2018-04-27 Paris (France)

  • Update documentation

  • Provide angstrom parser

v0.2 2018-03-08 Marrakech (Maroc)

  • Update to angstrom.0.9

  • Fix CRLF on common parsing function

  • Better API to parse e-mail address, e-mail address list, etc.

v0.1 2018-02-22 Phnom-Penh (Cambodia)

  • First release


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