package encore

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Library to generate encoder/decoder which ensure isomorphism


Dune Dependency





v0.7 2020-09-04 Paris (France)

  • Add a pure label on some encoders to help the choose operator to not grow the internal stack (#27, @dinosaure)

  • Use an unlimited internal buffer with a dequeue to encode an object (#28, @dinosaure)

v0.6 2020-07-03 Paris (France)

breaking changes

  • Defunctorize the core of the library (#24)

  • Improve the core with ocaml-git (#26)

  • Add documentation (#26)

v0.5 2020-06-29 Paris (France)

  • Move to bigarray-overlap to be compatible with > MirageOS 3.6 and js_of_ocaml (#23)

  • Update to angstron.0.14.0 (@sternenseemann, #22)

v0.4 2019-11-11 Paris (France)

  • Move to bigarray-compat to be compatible with > MirageOS 3.6 (#19, @dinosaure, @TheLortex)

  • Add bigstringaf as a dependency (#18, @andreas, @dinosaure)

v0.3 2019-05-01 Paris (France)

  • Fix OPAM file about how to ask to dune to build encore (@kit-ty-kate)

  • Use ke as common implementation of ring-buffer

  • Support of 4.07.0 in Travis CI

  • Provide a C stubs to know if a bigarray overlaps an other

  • Compilation fixed with MirageOS (@hannesm)

  • Tests about printer, parsers and combinators

  • Add from function to let user to allocate internal buffer

  • Use rev_iter instead fold and rev on internal queue

  • Delete tag argument on bijection objects to be more usable

  • Delete dependency of ocplib-endian and use bigstringaf instead

  • Use angstrom.0.10.0 (@andreas)

v0.2 2018-10-15 Paris (France)

  • Dunify project

v0.1 2018-03-31 Paris (France)

  • First release


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