package imagelib

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val chop_extension' : string -> string

chop_extension' fname is the same as Filename.chop_extension fname but if fname does not have an extension, fname is returned instead of raising Invalid_argument.

val get_extension : string -> string

get_extension fname returns the extension of the file fname. If the file does not have an extension, Invalid_argument is raised.

val get_extension' : string -> string

get_extension' fname is the same as get_extension fname but if fname does not have an extension, the empty string is returned and no exception is raised.

val lines_from_channel : Stdlib.in_channel -> string list
val lines_from_file : string -> string list
val chunk_reader_of_in_channel : Stdlib.in_channel -> ImageUtil.chunk_reader
val chunk_writer_of_out_channel : Stdlib.out_channel -> ImageUtil.chunk_writer
val chunk_reader_of_path : string -> ImageUtil.chunk_reader
val chunk_writer_of_path : string -> ImageUtil.chunk_writer

Define an output channel for the builtin buffered output on Uix. see ImageChannels for more info