package incr_dom_widgets

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A library of libraries and widgets for Incr_dom applications.


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#+TITLE: ~Incr_dom_widgets~: shared abstractions for ~Incr_dom~ applications
#+PARENT: ../../doc/webdev/

A library of libraries and widgets for ~Incr_dom~ applications.

For the moment, most of the libraries contained here are about
efficient rendering of tabular data, in particular supporting /partial
rendering/, /i.e./, only rendering a subset of the widgets that are
logically in the view, depending on what is expected to be visible to
the end user.

* Mesa

  Mesa provides an /easy/ way of creating functional web
  tables. The user supplies a ~row~ type and "actions" to be run on
  those ~rows~ (along with some other funtionality) and the user gets
  back a table capable of:
  - Partial rendering
  - Navigating the table with the arrow keys and the mouse
  - Sorting the table on a column
  - Editing the table-cells' values and communicating those changes
    back to a server
  - Searching the table for a row

  (see ./src/ from more details)

* Keybard_event_handler, Variable_keyboard_event_hander, Help_text and Grouped_help_text

  The Keyboard_event_handler and Help_text modules provide a way of
  creating a keyboard event handler and generating help text for it.
  Variable_keyboard_event_handler provides some additional
  functionality on top of Keyboard_event_handler, and similarly
  Grouped_help_text provides some additional functionality on top of